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  Data revolution advisory group named
  SAMOA: Urging sustainable action
  Greater protection of journalists covering conflicts
  Shaping future development agenda
  Role of young people in building peaceful, sustainable future
  Crimes Against Women Are Still Prevalent
  Ebola caseload could exceed 20,000 in course of emergency
  Job-generating growth to bridge region’s income gap
  US Economy For Reconstruction
  UN Global Ambassadors Against Hunger
  UNICEF honours life, tireless work of Goodwill Ambassador Richard Attenborough
  UN health agency calls for regulation of ‘e-cigarettes,’
  More than 300 die in boat tragedies on Mediterranean
  UN hosts meeting with Greek Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot negotiators
  UN says triumph over slavery should guide efforts to build culture of tolerance
  Basic health care cannot be Ebolas next casualty
  What do post-2015 strategic development goals mean to us?
  Regional connectivity for shared prosperity
  UN system-wide approach to early warning, conflict prevention
  Small island conference to generate vital partnerships
  Boost to creators of #GirlWithABook project
  UN launches 500 days of action to build a better world
  Past, present and future attempts to measure childhood TB
  Promote women dignity, Media can be the strong tool
  Women and Literacy
  UN-backed disaster resilience campaign
  Tribal Societies: Survival and Transformations
  She Has The Pride: A Struggling Woman
  Unbelievable incident: When Love Fades
  World food prices hit six-month low, UN agency reports
  Job-generating growth to bridge region’s income gap
  Asia-Pacific developing countries see ‘subdued’ growth
  Doctors, nurses and health staff urgently needed
  UN aids response efforts in Nepal, India after monsoons
  Touring ‘Hamlet’ troupe marks Shakespeare’s birth
  If I Could Do It, Anyone Can!
  Breastfeeding provides benefits that last a lifetime – UN
  Least developed countries urge enhanced partnerships
  Solidarity among human family
  On first-ever World Day against Trafficking in Persons
  Ban warns against further escalation in Gaza conflict
  Eliminating gender discrimination in nationality laws
  Return to dialogue by Israelis, Palestinians
  Stigma blocks access to care for young gays and transgenders
  Call to step up the pace of TB-HIV collaborative activities
  Drug use, HIV, HCV, TB, laws and funding
  Indigenous peoples must feature in new global development agenda
  A miracle treatment for TB is a near possibility
  Human trafficking has no place in modern world

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To promote freedom, democracy, anti-terrorism, Literature, women rights and empowerment,( has a strong role to play. Its activities support Peace, Public health, Democracy, Freedom, Human rights, Women/Children, development in societies undergoing crisis and changes. The contributors are fully responsible for their articles, news and do not represent the views of is founded with a strong belief to educate people through research. Media an important component in the process of education and development. I am sure, this e-magazine will bring about some strong outcomes. Contributors, and editor will not be paid. Articles, News and press releases should be directed to the editor to Kamala B. Sarup at

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