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Rene Wadlow Rene Wadlow
UN Day of Coordinated Action for Peace (News)
International Day to Protect Journalists (News)
The Open Conspiracy for Peace (News)
World Law advanced by the UN Special Session (News)
Tribal Societies: Survival and Transformations (News)
Rammohun Roy: Morning Star of the Indian Renaissance (News)
AWC Ukraine Appeal (News)
World Citizens, strongly opposed to the death penalty (News)
Bridges Between the Local and the Universal (News)
Violence Against Women: Walls That Imprison (News)
Albert Camus at 100: Stoic Humanist and World Citizen (News)
Give breathing space for negotiated peace efforts in Syria (News)
Syria, Need for Negotiated Peace Efforts (News)
Syria : Chemical Weapons and Restraints in War (News)
New Fires Relight in Eastern Congo (News)
The Violation of the Human Rights of Persons Considered as Non-citizens (News)
World Citizen Passport and Snowden’s Catch 22 (News)
Egypt: The Sphinx and the Muslim Brotherhood (News)
Egypt : A New Road Map to Where ? (News)
UN Security Council Resolution against Rape as a Weapon of War (News)
Through the Wall of Fire — Reconciliation (News)
UN Consultative-status NGOs and Track II Efforts (News)
Rapprochement of Cultures and Creative Education (News)
Russian Troops to Replace Austriain Golan Peace Force? (News)
8 June: International Day of the Oceans (News)
Freedom From Fear : For All The Citizens of The World (News)
Rapprochement of Cultures (News)
Le Sacre du Printemps — 100th Anniversary : A quartet of Creators (News)
Bridges between individuals and classes (News)
Edna St. Vincent Millay, The World stands out on either (News)
Little reconciliation, few creative changes (News)
Rabindranath Tagore: The Local and the Universal (Opinion)
Korea : Challenge and Response (News)
UN-led Korean Peace Settlement Conference (Press Release)
Education for World Citizenship (News)
International Year of Water Cooperation (Press Release)
Elimination of Violence Against Women. Violence against women (Press Release)
World Water Day A Global Focus and Local Action (Press Release)
International Day of Women Women as Peacemakers (Press Release)
Human trafficking a modern-day slave trade (News)
World Law Significantly Strengthened (News)
World Food Day —World Citizen Action (Press Release)
The Next Earth Summit:Rio Plus (Press Release)
Rabindranath Tagore: The Call of the Real (Press Release)
World Citizens call for a Peace Zone (Press Release)
A Black Orpheus (News)
World Citizens call for a Cease Fire in Libya (News)
8 March- Women (News)
A World Citizen Protest (News)
Egypt: The Sphinx and the Peoples Revolution (Press Release)
The Rise of the Global Civil Society (News)
International Migrants Day: World Citizens Call for Cooperative Action (News)
World Citizens Call for Coordinated World Food Polic (Opinion)
Honoring 10 December (Opinion)
Peacebuilding: A Focus for UN Day (News)
No Day Off For Women (Opinion)
The Bridge of Beauty and Understanding (Press Release)
The NPT Review: Business as Usual Now (News)
The Bridge of Beauty and Understanding (Opinion)
The NPT Review: Is Progress Possible ? (Opinion)
Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapons for None (Press Release)
Israel and a Middle East Nuclear-weapon Free Zone (Press Release)
The Bridge of Beauty and Understanding (News)
The Shape of the Nuclear- weapon World (Opinion)
The Bridge of Beauty and Understanding (News)
The Bridge of Beauty and Understanding (Opinion)
The Bridge of Beauty and Understanding (Opinion)
Aggressive Nationalism, and Religious Fanaticism (Opinion)
Banning Cluster Bombs: Light in the Darkness of Conflicts (Opinion)
March 8:International Day of Women: Women as Peacemakers (Opinion)
World Day of Social Justice: A Sense of Direction (Opinion)
Stalin is alive and well and living in Iran (News)
Afghanistan London (News)
Gandhi: In the Midst of Darkness (News)
For International Year of Biodiversity (Opinion)
A Glow of Friendship does not fade (News)
International Migrants Day (Opinion)
Human Rights: The Emergence of the Person (Opinion)
The Impact of International Fact-Finding (News)
For Europe's Triumvirate: Economic Challenges (News)
Elimination of Violence Against Women (Opinion)
The United Nations as One Mind (News)
Middle East Nuclear-weapon Free Zone: A Role for Asian States. (News)
Conference on Human Unity (News)
Sri Lanka Truce (News)
US and Russian Presidents Meet (News)
Darfur : Heavy Storm Warning (News)
Basic Needs: A Focus for Collective Action (News)
Mediterranean-Black Sea Union: Stormy Sailing Ahead ? (News)
Rene Wadlow Rene Wadlow


Love, Forgiveness, Kindness, Democracy, Human Rights, Freedom, Peace, Literature

To promote freedom, democracy, anti-terrorism, Literature, women rights, public health, peace and empowerment ( has a strong role to play. Its activities support Peace, Public health, Democracy, Freedom, Human rights, Women/Children, development in societies undergoing crisis and changes. Infact, mediaforfreedom has set objectives like research on contemporary issues, conduct regular media watch, networking with relevant organizations and training for journalist and so on. The contributors are fully responsible for their articles, news and do not represent the views of Contributors, and editor will not be paid. Articles, News and Press releases should be directed to the editor to Kamala B. Sarup at

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