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Bobby Ramakant Bobby Ramakant
What is wrong with a rights-based approach to TB care? (News)
East Asia Summit adopts unprecedented regional malaria goal (News)
Regular HIV prevention counselling reduces risk of infection (News)
No single HIV prevention method can end AIDS (Opinion-2)
Nepal gearing to protect public health (News)
WHO cautions: Do not let fox guard chickens (News)
Strong tobacco taxation policy adopted despite industry interference (News)
Evidence shows we can prevent obesity in children (News)
Medical malpractices: Is there light at the end of the tunnel? (News)
Evidence driving medical research (News)
Evidence-based healthcare into public health gains (News)
Developing a diagnostic algorithm (News)
HIV responses by 2020? (Opinion-2)
Prevention options for anal STIs and HIV (Press Release)
Stigma blocks access to care for young gays and transgenders (News)
Do not be a statistic, but own the information that shapes programmes’ (News)
Regular cervical cancer screening, vaccination save lives (Opinion)
TB diagnosis in private sector becoming a reality (News)
Smoking Tobacco Doubles Risk of Recurrent Tuberculosis: New Study (News)
Diabetic-foot related lower limb amputations preventable (News)
Do we really believe in cancer prevention is better than cure? (Opinion)
Worlds largest school-based deworming programme in Bihar (News)
Partners-in-crime: HIV and Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) (News)
How has India done in its fight against AIDS? (News)
Cardiovascular diseases threaten to reverse gains made in treating HIV (News)
ASICON 2013 calls for fully utilizing domestic competencies in fighting AIDS (News)
Deploying technology, managing treatment well - makes the difference! (News)
Intellectual property and decriminalization (News)
Sustainability and social impact (Opinion)
Will innovations and partnerships improve tuberculosis control? (Press Release)
Biggest killer of children-under-five: Pneumonia (Press Release)
Childhood TB will no longer be 'the neglected (News)
Childhood TB Roadmap will help save lives: Experts (News)
When whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts (News)
Integrated TB and HIV care in Myanmar gives hope (Press Release)
Largest-ever push to diagnose tuberculosis within two hours (Opinion)
Indoor Air Pollution: The Air I Breathe (News)
5 years survival after lung cancer treatment remains low (News)
Clean cookstoves save lives, promote health (News)
Awareness methods increases access to family planning (Opinion)
Improve responses to non-communicable diseases (News)
'Towards a nuclear-free world' (News)
New WHO guidelines on HIV treatment and prevention (News)
Tailor ARV-based HIV prevention strategies in local contexts: Report (News)
Unmet family planning needs: Bad for economy and health (News)
Progress on reproductive health (News)
Most biogas plants tell a dark tale of neglect in Bharawan (News)
Women and girls marginalised at Women Deliver 2013? (Opinion)
Turning point: More girls in Malaysian colleges than boys (News)
Investing in women's reproductive health : Report (News)
Should asthma control us or we control asthma? (News)
Access to medicines is key to reducing (Opinion)
Are we doing enough to protect right to clean air? (News)
TB rates need to drop 10 times faster for elimination by 2050 (News)
Tobacco smoking and lung cancer (News)
Do not miss lessons from roll out of new diagnostic tests for MDR-TB (News)
TB care and control under gender lens (News)
Thrust on research to protect people from HIV (Opinion)
People demand tougher laws against sexual assault (Press Release)
Judicial process for cases of sexual violence (Opinion)
Global network to target asthma (News)
When a virus (HIV) and a bacteria (TB) can work so well together (News)
Global priority actions on AIDS in 2013 (Opinion)
Health Programmes must collaboratively address TB Diabetes (Press Release)
Combination Prevention: Can it turn the HIV tide? (Press Release)
Microbicide offers hope for partial anti-HIV protection (News)
Anti-HIV rectal microbicide research moves ahead (Opinion)
Microbicides research progresses ahead (Press Release)
Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Protects Against HIV (Press Release)
Hygiene be neglected? (News)
HIV prevention services a reality for all those in need (News)
Financing for new HIV prevention technologies (Opinion)
NACO meetings lack transparency and civil society participation (Opinion)
World Health Day (News)
World TB Day is on 24th March 2011 (Opinion)
Tuberculosis control among women (Opinion)
Women with tuberculosis (Opinion)
Fighting tuberculosis in prisons is a smart choice (Opinion)
Wake up call for community engagement in TB programmes (Opinion)
People living with HIV die due to TB (Opinion)
Food insecurity robs good outcome of quality HIV care (Opinion)
When the going gets tough: Resistance to AR (Opinion)
Why start antiretroviral therapy for people living with HIV so late? (Opinion)
Lung health needs attention (Opinion)
Tuberculosis (TB) and poverty (News)
Microbicides and HIV prevention (Opinion)
Right To Sight (RTS) committed to eliminate avoidable blindness (Opinion)
Poverty impedes access to existing TB care services (News)
Poor people are most hard-hit by TB, COPD and tobacco (News)
Tuberculosis (TB) deaths attributed to tobacco use (Opinion)
Should tuberculosis (TB)-preventive therapy (IPT) be given to all? (Opinion)
TB on IAC agenda as never before (Opinion)
APCOM to tackle HIV (Opinion)
HIV+ woman commits suicide (Opinion)
Criminalization of injecting drug users (IDU) fuels HIV epidemic (Opinion)
Priority is to up collaborative TB-HIV activities (Opinion)
New tuberculosis (TB) Vaccine could be ready by 2020 (News)
Can TB patients say (Press Release)
HIV services for MSM and transgender people: UN Study (Press Release)
Higher risk of HIV (Opinion)
HIV Prevention Community Advocacy (Opinion)
State of the ART of microbicides to prevent HIV (Opinion)
Critical role of social science in HIV Prevention Research (Opinion)
Sponsored homophobia ups HIV rates (Opinion)
An AIDS Vaccine is Possible (Opinion)
Victory for access to medicines as Valaganciclovir patent is overturned (News)
Affordable quality-assured asthma medicines (Opinion)
Urban Poor Housing Scheme? (Opinion)
Experts sound alarm on diabetic foot (Opinion)
High-risk diabetic foot in spotlight (Press Release)
TB treatment regimen (Opinion)
Asthma Drug Facility makes affordable asthma (Opinion)
Five years in, tobacco treaty is saving lives (Opinion)
Tobacco control is most cost-effective way to prevent cancer (News)
Time for grown-ups to listen to young sane voices (Opinion)
2010 is Year of the Lungs (Opinion)
HIV prevention: Microbicide trial results signal end of one chapter (Opinion-2)
36 million people with TB cured: New WHO Data released (News)
Global Fund approves TB funding for government (News)
Hard talk on association between public health advocates and pharmaceutical companies (News)
Responding to TB, HIV, COPD and tobacco smoking (Opinion)
The year 2010 is declared as Year of the Lung (News)
Patients' Charter for TB Care is in favour of doctors (News)
People-with latent TB is a human rights violation (News)
Rights and Responsibilities Roadshow: (News)
Implementation of right to health (Opinion)
Integrated community health services in Timor-Leste (News)
People in Developing Countries Pay More for Diabetes Care (News)
"Across the world, the threat [of diabetes] is ignored and under-funded": Kofi Annan (News)
Pneumonia kills more children (News)
Punishing success in tackling AIDS (Opinion)
Rohini Episode-Lessons For The Police and Society (News)
The next health tsunami: Non-communicable diseases (News)
International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (News)
World now in early days of 2009 influenza pandemic (News)
Strictly enforce smoke-free policies! (Opinion)
SMS hotline for Free TB support service in India (News)
Call for International Action to Combat Epidemic of Non-communicable Diseases (News)
Protests against painting of historical Vidhan Sabha (News)
Justice where art thou? (News)
Call for government focus and spending on non-communicable diseases like diabetes (News )
The Asthma Drug Facility brings down cost of drugs (News)
Humanitarian disaster in making (News)
One-third preventable deaths can be averted by healthy environment (News)
Time to rethink the development paradigm on Earth Day (News)
Critical reforms of IMF policies demanded (News)
Politics is about the allocation of resources (News)
Pictorial health warnings on tobacco products from 30th May 2009 (News)
Death of Dalit election candidate warrants CBI enquiry (News)
People to draft the election manifesto of SR Darapuri (News)
Will pictorial warnings on tobacco products get postponed again? (News)
Right to health is not for the majority of UP residents: SR Darapuri (News)
Will IMF deliver G-20's booster for world economy? (News)
If G-20 agrees, health financing might come from Currency transaction levy (News)
People with drug-resistant tuberculosis are neglected by governments (News)
Neglect of tuberculosis control among indigenous communities unethical (News)
Call in Africa to fund the gap in the fight against TB (News)
One-third of tuberculosis (TB) cases go undetected: WHO (News)
Unified action: The only way forward to control TB (News)
Will genuine partnerships improve TB responses despite of economic recession? (News)
Involving TB patients in TB programmes will help (News)
Is it ethical to provide TB treatment without quality counselling? (News)
Privatising water is denying people a human right: UN President (News)
Delhi's new initiative to improve healthcare in the community (News)
International tobacco control award for Dr Mira Aghi (News)
Lower-cost female condom gets FDA approval (News)
Tobacco Industry Interference with Tobacco Control: WHO report 2009 (News)
Scaling up clinic-based tobacco cessation in India (News)
Youth against cross-border tobacco advertising in films (News)
Youth refuse to be 'targetted' by the tobacco industry (News)
National convention of People's Politics Front in Lucknow (News)
Vitamin A supplements reduces child mortality by over 20 per cent (News)
Finally, anti-HIV microbicides research gives hope (News)
How will the world begin to see TB care as a smart investment? (News)
Will recession impede TB care and control? (News)
Kala Azar patients lack adequate diagnosis and drugs (News)
Bobby Ramakant Bobby Ramakant


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