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Kamala B. Sarup Kamala B. Sarup
Crimes Against Women Are Still Prevalent (News)
US Economy For Reconstruction (News)
Education: Our learning will increase with age (Press Release)
Through Education, Media And Poverty (Opinion)
Promote women dignity, Media can be the strong tool (News)
Women and Literacy (News)
She Has The Pride: A Struggling Woman (News)
Unbelievable incident: When Love Fades (News)
Support Hillary Clinton (Opinion)
Friendship Day:Women Value Friendship (Press Release)
Meaning Of Poems Is To Realise Our Own Potential (News)
Decision Making Process Of Marriage. (Opinion)
Support Obama And Hillary Clinton for President (Press Release)
Fourth of July And Independence Day (News)
Child Poverty And Domestic Abuse Worldwide (News)
Writing For Life: Writing and Authoring (News)
Right of Reproduction: Are Women Ready To Fight? (News)
How a Woman Can Fight All Alone (Opinion)
Women Rights From Women Perpectives (News)
Her Daughter Was Kidnapped (News)
We Are Talking For Life And Beauty (Press Release)
Feminism For Womens Cause (News)
Reform And Reduce Poverty (News)
Democracy Increases (News)
Contribution On Development (News)
Education For Humanity (News)
Rapes Are Increasing. Where Is The Law? (News)
Womens Literacy & Development (News)
The HIV Risk To Women (News)
Maternal death: (News)
Strong Development Policy (News)
Women And Poverty (News)
Women Power And Sub-Process To Live (News)
Mothers Day: A Letter To My Mother (Press Release)
Rights and the pain of losing a friend (Press Release)
Unemployment and Depression (Editorial/Opinion)
Women : How People Would Like The Women Look (News)
After She was Raped (News)
Beauty And Woman Power (Opinion)
From My Diary: Life in my definition (Press Release)
Reading Another Romeo Juliet, Julius Caesar (Literature)
Human Trafficking:Story Of My Friend (Press Release)
In Memory of My Older Friend from Middle Township (Press Release)
Poet And Deeply Moved Poems (Opinion)
Life And Poetry (Literature)
(Poem) Valentines Day Perhaps it is due to love (Literature)
Talk of Love and Freedom (Opinion)
Freedom and love (Opinion)
Dance for Love and Beauty (Opinion)
About Life/ for Moment (Opinion)
Women Power For Relationships (Opinion)
Economic/Democracy And Development (Press Release)
Woman Power And Humanism (Opinion)
Improve the economy in terms of investment. (Opinion)
Development For Women (Opinion)
(Poem) Shakespeare (Opinion)
(Poem) Gradually, We still have to love one another (Literature)
More Goods For Development (Press Release)
Can We Persuade More Respectful And Kind Behavior? (Press Release)
Requirements for higher incomes (Opinion)
Economy and appropriate mechanism (Press Release)
Poverty Ever Be Eradicated? (Press Release)
Economy To Invest And Spend (Press Release)
Why Poor Still Poor? (Press Release)
Chemical Pollution And Global Warming (Press Release)
Economic Reforms And Prosperity (Press Release)
Poet For Trust (Literature)
Happy Valentines Day To My Friends And Family (Opinion)
Environmental consideration And Development of tourism. (Press Release)
Poverty Alleviation (Press Release)
Friendship For Freedom (Literature)
My Friend after returning from Prostitute Brothel (Press Release)
US War Terrorism And Justification (Press Release)
Economic Progress Requires (Press Release)
The World Of Love (Literature)
World Population (Press Release)
Inter Caste Marriages are not allowed. (Press Release)
Spiritual Philosophy And Life (Press Release)
Economy back to normalcy (Press Release)
Women and Anti-poverty Program (Press Release)
Mahatma Gandhi's work (Literature)
Philosophy And Scientists (World Philosophy Day) (Press Release)
(Sacrifice of Women) When Love Fades (Press Release)
(Poem) The sound of loneliness (Press Release)
Women's Awareness (Press Release)
(Poem) Always try to Look up beyond Our time (Press Release)
(Poem) Now my heart come up easily (Literature)
Poet Writes For The Moment (Opinion)
Women in constructing a more beautiful world. (Press Release)
Life is a Struggle And My Friend. (Literature)
Crazy gunmen threatening US freedom (Press Release)
Women Sentiment And Power (Press Release)
Women Power, Beautiful life, and love (Opinion)
Children And Economic Poverty (Press Release)
Literature is a creation, not theory (Literature)
End cast system for women's rights (Literature)
What the eternal truth of life is ? (Opinion)
After September 11, the world has changed. (Press Release)
Women working in print and electronic media (Literature)
Economic Transformation (Press Release)
Economic Growth:Extreme Poverty (Press Release)
Miracles Do Happen in Love (Opinion)
Life, Memory And Definition (Press Release)
What should I do to meet life? (Women Power) (Press Release)
Economic system endeavor to provide jobs (Opinion)
Sustainable democracy And Labor Day (Press Release)
US Policy And Syria Negotiations (Press Release)
Women Power : No Suicide for Breakup (Opinion)
Living the good life requires economy (Opinion)
Poet like to communicate feelings to the people (Literature)
Poetry gives Expression (Literature)
Material Wealth Is Necessary (Opinion)
Promote Tourism Economics (Opinion)
Women's economic growth (Opinion)
Improvements in the economy (Opinion)
Obama: Education Is Important (Press Release)
Women empowerment: vital importance to our economy (Press Release)
Violence against Women: Raped women are very discouraged (Opinion)
More Education Reduce Women's Poverty (Press Release)
Economic Growth: The rich do two things with their money (Opinion)
Women:Beauty in pride, and life (Opinion)
The Irish famine occurred that brought millions to US (Press Release)
Child Slavery Threat To Economy (Press Release)
Uplift Poor Women And Creating development (Opinion)
Economy Stagnates (Opinion)
Socio Economic System (Opinion)
Development Increase With New Ideas (Opinion)
Promote the economic interests for Anti-poverty Program (Press Release)
The rain is as beautiful (Poem) (Literature)
Increase per capita income (Press Release)
Capitalism Of Economic and social systems? (Opinion)
Poverty Eradication (Opinion)
There is only one Mother Teresa (Opinion)
Microeconomic Policy (Press Release)
Friendship is a relationship (Press Release)
Violence Against Women (This is a true story) (Opinion)
When Mother Teresa Touched My Hand (Opinion)
Population Day, No reproductive Freedom (Opinion)
Security is important for Freedom (Press Release)
Journey, had traveled the roads (News)
To develop economically (Opinion)
Father's day:love to father (News)
Obama Administration And US Policy (News)
Beauty and Poems (Opinion)
Why I Support Obama ? (News)
Happy Birthday To Mahatma Gandhi (News)
Love and Life (Opinion)
Population growth and Earth Health (Opinion)
It Is Raining, Process To Live (Poem) (Opinion)
Promotion of Objective Journalism (News)
Performing A Beautiful Drama (News)
Woman And Mental Concept (Real story of my friend) (News)
I am successful turning (POEM) (Literature)
Shakespeare, My Love to Him (News)
Forgiveness is important (Poem) (Literature)
(Poem) Since the time I know life (Literature)
(POEM)Heart which define the life's relativity (Opinion)
(Poem) Even Our Life (Literature)
(The Climate Change Poem) Moon, I Have Begun A Journey (News)
Astract Love To Mother (Literature)
(Poem) Neither I have seen the road (News)
Raped Victims: His Daughter who was raped (News)
I love dancing, all kinds of dancing and dramas. (Opinion)
(Poem)The sound of loneliness (Opinion)
My Experiences Participating In The USIP Training (News)
My Poet Friend (Opinion)
HIV Threat to Women (Opinion)
US Freedom and democracy means (Opinion)
Lost Daughters - An Ongoing Tragedy in Nepal (Opinion)
Women: Control their own fertility (Opinion)
Movies Beauty And Performance (Opinion)
Working for the development of women (Opinion)
HIV Engulfs The Life of My Dear Friend (Opinion)
The Cool Breeze Outside Brings no love With It (Opinion)
Media And Terrorism (Press Release)
Many widow women are living a miserable life (Opinion)
She tested positive for HIV (Opinion)
Congratulations on July 4, Democracy (Opinion)
Rape is never a fault (Opinion)
Woman forced into marriage (Opinion)
Trafficking and AIDS (Opinion)
Praying for love and peace (Press Release)
Your parents Your Valentine. (Opinion)
Nepalese women and political roles (Press Release)
Love and peace (Press Release)
Violent groups and terrorism (Opinion)
Politicized media and freedom (Press Release)
U.S. education and communities (Press Release)
Media and terrorism (Press Release)
Christmas With My Friends. (Press Release)
Meeting Mother Teresa (Press Release)
Child Marriage: Effects on Women (Press Release)
Remembering Amrita Pritam again (Literature)
No Respect for Women's Health (News)
Philosophy of poetry and art (News)
HIV Threat to Women (Press Release)
My meeting with writer Parijat (Opinion)
Honoring Rabindranath Tagore (Literature)
Shakespeare: His work revolves around love, life, and beauty (Opinion)
(World AIDS Day) HIV face other dangers (Press Release)
Woman Proves Identity (Press Release)
Women are Brave, Powerful, Beautiful and Wonderful (News)
Kamala B. Sarup Kamala B. Sarup
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Poet, Journalist and Story Writer Kamala B. Sarup is an editor for Kamala Sarup was a regular contributor to UPI- Asia News. She is specialising in in-depth reporting and writing on democracy, freedom, anti terrorism, Women's rights, literature, peace, human rights and development. Kamala wrote and published many articles, and research papers. Some of her publications are: Women's Empowerment(Booklet,) Prevention of trafficking in women and girls for prostitution through media. Efforts to Prevent Trafficking in Women & Girls - A Pre-Study for Media Activism (Media research). She published two Stories collections and several poems. Her interests include philosophy, feminism, political, socio-economic and literature. She also is experienced in organizational and community development.

Love, Forgiveness, Kindness, Democracy, Human Rights, Freedom, Peace, Literature

To promote freedom, democracy, anti-terrorism, Literature, women rights and empowerment,( has a strong role to play. Its activities support Peace, Public health, Democracy, Freedom, Human rights, Women/Children, development in societies undergoing crisis and changes. The contributors are fully responsible for their articles, news and do not represent the views of is founded with a strong belief to educate people through research. Media an important component in the process of education and development. I am sure, this e-magazine will bring about some strong outcomes. Contributors, and editor will not be paid. Articles, News and press releases should be directed to the editor to Kamala B. Sarup at

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