My Friend Tested Positive For HIV


She was an emotional individual. She called me on the phone and said, "I have now learnt to live with HIV". She has declared herself HIV positive and I cried all night.

I remember she told me last year. "Kamala, I like a good husband.".

I told her, "I want you to become happy and if there is anything that I could do, I would be happy. Anyway, your trust considering me capable enough of giving suggestions in your personal decisions, this truly means a lot to me". And then we became very good friends.

Last year, I had celebrated her birthday. I told her, "Regarding the wedding issue it is your decision whom you will marry."

I further added, "I suggest that you find someone who is willing to accept the way you are."

I know finding love in marriage is hard for female.

She told me that she wants to see me. I mean after all I know I was her good friend. She was tested positive for HIV in 2010. She did not receive any medical help. I really wanted to help her. She got the HIV from her husband. Her husband did not informed her about the HIV infections prior to their marriage.

I went out the house. I put on my shoes and hurriedly reached the street. I even didn't inform my mother about my departure. When I was pushing myself through a busy street, an office co-worker, disturbed me. I escaped.

I told myself my life would be incomplete in the absence of her friendship. I was eager to meet her. I have forgotten my family at this time. I wished to pass the whole day with her. I would like to buy her a lot of things at a time but my income does not allow me to do so.

If I had a lot of money , I would take out her from the rented house and build a beautiful house of her own. I would buy a small motor bike for her pleasure. I would buy all the up to date and fashionable clothes for her. My heart filled with the love and tears for her. I was fully sunk into the depth of her life. I went to market and bought a bottle of scent for her. I wanted to keep her happy. The people on the way seemed to disturb me. The way to her house was quite long today. I was eager to meet her.

When I neared to the room of her, I fixed my hair style and dress unconsciously. After a while, the door was opened. It was her husband standing at the door. Her husband welcomed me. My eyes were searching for my friend . "Where is my friend?" I asked.

He said, "She has disappeared since last night. Either she died or returned back to her village. I informed the police. I searched for her everywhere but she is nowhere," he said.

I couldn't decide what to do. I remained standing with scent bottle, looking at her husband.