Poverty harms political system



I cannot comment intelligently on specific countries because I do not know enough about them. I can only speak generally about poverty and failed leadership. I can only say that poverty and bad leaders are against improving the economic conditions in many countries. The root causes of violence is the result from poverty. Unrest will only be effectively tackled when poverty is properly addressed. We have to start down the road towards economic improvement.

For this, the voice of the poor should be taken to the policy makers. While the evident enemy, poverty, is left to grow more dangerous. Eradicating poverty is not as simple. Eradication of poverty and the ending of hunger have long been recognized.
Poverty today is high. The poor depend on agriculture. Making appropriate investments in roads, electrification and infrastructure would help considerably in improving lives. Increasing investments in basic education and health care are important too. As we know, poor educational systems have resulted from many people being poor. Thus, we need to formulate economic policy. We need to heavily invest in education. To overcome these problems people have to get involved.To change the economy educated individuals would have to actively participate in the economic reform system.

Poverty reduction is a moral duty. Poverty has a direct role in our instability. Poverty has damaged our confidence. Poverty is the major obstacle. The elimination of poverty is a big challenge to the future economic growth. Poverty also affects people's daily lives. We need to invest more in the basic needs of our people. There is no doubt that failed leadership and poverty harms democracy.

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