Reform of the economy of poverty.


I often refer to it as "economic reform policy". Apparently, someone was trying to separate the economic system from ancient Greece, It was not very pro-poor, because only a privileged few could benefit, and current economic policy, where a lot more people can benefit.

It's a useful sentence for me, because everybody knows about the ongoing economic reforms. Indeed, the policy of economic reform can satisfy both the rich and the poor, since there are many goods and services which the rich and the poor can share. The rich and the poor are able to make a lot of investments.

For instance, if this year in the United States the rich and the poor want to buy more holidays.

Instead of cars, then some cars might be unsold until they are unloaded at a low price, which may be less than the cost. In that case, the automaker has misled the automotive market and is suffering the consequences.

The investors of his company also suffer. If holidaymakers are more numerous than usual, hotel rooms might be filled, so people. With money can't get vacation accommodation and have to use it to buy other goods and services maybe cars or invest it may be in vacation hotels.

However, the economy still purchases consumer or producing goods and services that can be sold.

The other thing is that there is so much poverty in the world today. Although the redistribution of income from the rich to the poor does not sufficiently address the inequality gap to prevent poverty.

Moreover, the poor buy things at a lower cost and invest less. But the policy of economic reform continues to develop to produce high-value goods and services.

Let us not forget that if the average real wage drops, the lowest jobs pay less. And if their money goes to foreign workers and higher economic classes, then it will cause pain for the poor. It is also important to remember that some countries are not able to benefit greatly from the economy.

Why is that?

There is much talk, but little action to reduce poverty worldwide.Copyright