Understand Love And Beauty.


The moon! I have begun a short journey and yet  I cannot  tell you even a short poem relating to the existence and concept of my life. Perhaps if you were closer to me, I would talk to you all through  the night without having a wink of sleep. I know, you moon, you are feeling shy and I am flowing all over you looking at the open sky.

I have a desire to tell you things, if you could only come closer. You are so far away and are happily enjoying the lap of the sky. You do understand the love, success and beauty. For a long time, I felt I could be happy in a small house surrounded by flowers in an open space with trees from where you could see life and waterfalls. People without understanding existence, fully begin their journey of life of difficulty from just zero where you can find only dust particles and narrow stones.  I thought of flowers only, of love only. I didn't know of the fact that our own hearts were defiled by selfishness. I had made friends with smiles as I have met you and had thought them fully as my companions in travel.

The Moon, it happened just a few days ago. My heart was filled with love, with no tears in my eyes. Although I wanted to speak, there was no one to hear and those who loved me had already left the place. I, on my part, couldn't run away from my heart. My intense desire to look at you didn't let me go away. I might have to feel thankful of my own solitude and I was contemplating that I might not have to escape at any moment. If we are to talk of integrity, please come down, my moon. I will tell you how my eyes have carried in them the language of beauty and love and how my eyes have turned emotional due to the separation with my own life and how they have carried in them a positive approach towards life.

Perhaps my  life may not see fully expressed all over your empire and my sighs will not be included fully in you. How am I to tell you with love that I have been repeatedly describing you. how am I spending my days after the night. My life is a journey. The journey isn't complete in itself. Then is it the right definition of journey to be broken into pieces? I was not able to get any faithful friends during my journey whom I could tell my story of time I fought for self respect from hate.

Everyone is selfish. Love remains somewhere here and there. But the sensitive hands are living within themselves and for themselves. You may think about life in a different light and there is also a classified definition of life. Why is life scared without any dreams of flowers? Why is my mind not able to enjoy even by looking at the road and waterfalls? To tell you the truth I am not trying to escape very far away from this heart, this compulsion. I do not like hate. I do not like rejection. I do not like terrorism. 

Even just for once, cast your look at me how my soul is not destroyed at night. Now I am in dire need of your sympathy and love, please you go on hiding and don't fall asleep.

Can't you for one night, express your sympathy and love over me, can't you cry in front of a complete life and a desire?  I may not run away as much as I can from life, I tell you truly moon; I want to continue my life being one with you.  

Let me be able to move on forever with a smile, love and flowers that blossom in life with the sweat of faith. Let us sharing love, desire and pain with one another. We still have to love one another.

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