Unemployment and Depression


Published in Cape May County Herald.

These days, my friend is mostly found staying at home. As far as he can manage he does not go out at all, but if he does come out he selects the shortest route if possible. The busy streets of the city are rarely without people and the possibility of meeting acquaintances is rather great. If he were to come across some relatives or friends, he would be bombarded with questions like, "Where is your job nowadays? What have you been doing?"

Thus, he has experienced an inferiority complex, trying to answer their enquiries. On several occasions he has felt low in front of his former classmates, seeing them walking proudly. It is to save himself from depression and an increasing inferiority complex arising out of such chance encounters that he does not like to go out for a walk. It's true that he does possess good intelligence. In college, he proved to be quite brilliant.

Due to his poor financial background, he could not carry on his higher studies beyond his bachelor's degree. He had, therefore, no other option but to rush to get a job. He needed a job not only for himself but to provide for his entire family. He would get a job and begin to work but it was always temporary and part time. He studied hard, took his tests but he was always denied a permanent job. He lost even his temporary job recently.

As a result, his talent died with his mental spirit. In the literary field, however, he was able to establish himself quite strongly. But nowadays, he has completely withdrawn himself from that field too. Due to this very dissatisfaction, he has completely severed himself from his literary connections. Nowadays, there is not a single field where he is attached. He is limited to his own loneliness and within his own household environment. The income sources of his household were unable to meet its limitless needs and to cope with its uncontrollable expenses. Therefore, the situation is so bad that he has to rely on his elderly father's pension to sustain his family.

 Although it is his responsibility to earn and take care of his father, it is his father who is running the household. Not only him, but his wife and son are depending on his father's pension. He regularly subscribes to newspapers and his main interest is the classified section that lists job vacancies. He sees himself a suitable candidate for any posts listed therein, but that is as far as he goes. He has no energy nor interest left in applying for any jobs and has started believing that he will not be considered because of his lack of qualifications. Also, he thinks attending job interviews will yield no returns.

He desired many times to start a private business, but the lack of his abilities for investing money didn't allow him a situation for starting any enterprise. He is a traveler who has lost his sense of direction. He is lost in life from where he can neither come out nor push forward towards his goal.

Therefore, for the sake of living, although he has talent, he is carrying on a life that has no real existence.

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