Are you turning depressive? It's because of the Jurke Leaders.


Are you turning depressive? It's because of the Jurke Leaders.
Author: Kamala 'Sarup'
I wrote that article in economic and psychological terms.
It will surely be depressed if bad leadership destroys finances, public safety and the commission. Frustration increases if these leaders are still personified.
I guess a lot of my friends are in this together, too. If you have an opinion on bad policy, you get frustrated which will lead you to become depressed. I stress here how we can disrupt traditional leaders by reducing their income. The effort to reduce their money by watching their payments is a means. However, more needs to be done to completely interfere with their efforts to get more money. But a single person, you really can't do anything about it.
The highly predictable outcome of uncontrolled poverty, suffering and neediness will be unusual. It is defined here as my comment policy. I also think it would be useless for me to enumerate the many reasons I have written to protect freedom, justice and peace and defeat the visionless leaders.
I'm wondering why I want to put more time into this, because I'm not a politician. I am alone in acknowledging that there are two sides to each problem. It is not enough just to condemn poor and ineffective leaders, but I must fight intellectually. My question today is on how to overcome chaos and hate, death and destruction, financial crimes, and self-government. This is one of the reasons I like to write once a week. Write, mail and make sure all subjects are covered. I will never let threats, stop me from speaking. Ineffective propaganda by regular leaders and fake news must be rejected.
How are you helping your country out of the uncharacteristic political chaos? Write down the way I keep people updated. My solution here is to work with local organizations after all efforts to boost the economy, jobs and raise the educational institution. I also plan to organize a monthly seminar and bring items to the table for discussion. I think frequent writing will resist bad government but make sure the ideas are in the upper court. Therefore a bad politician cannot use good ideas for evil. To stop them, though, take not just your argument, but law enforcement. I think economic prosperity requires consensus and commitment by the best system.
It is also my view that poverty in the economy can tip the balance. Poverty and the economy do that kind of damage.
What I'm saying is that corruption and bad leadership or politics are the primary reason for diverting portfolios of domestic investments. As I also wish to emphasize here, poverty will change lives and reduce people's access to basic services. We have an increased risk of crime if people survive poverty. Sound policies are a precondition for the effective implementation of poverty programs.
The usual bad leaders will also gradually challenge the nation's political future. That is even harder. A resolution of the current economic infrastructure is therefore the most essential prerequisite for reducing poverty and rejecting poor leaders. Poverty is a source and a consequence of abuse.
I try to diffuse tensions and build a sustainable politics by promoting targeted poverty reduction strategies. Let me stress that good governance programs promote the protection of minority rights by expanding the role of the media in providing objective information. I also want to encourage international cooperation in the fight against the illicit trade 'Cause pointless politics frustrate me even more.
However, I have no answer as to why a world were not able to meet the growing demand for food grains. More than half of the people still live in poverty. Because the wrong leaders have dramatically reduced economic growth. I build my strategy like how to boost development? How can we protect the integrity of tax collection? How do we build more hospitals and schools to make it economically viable?
Bad leadership will bring the country back to the 5th century. As an example, we have a small country, Nepal. Where I came from, where I grew up. I therefore have my policy and my point in front of me. I have to demonstrate my capacity to achieve a public objective and to fight poverty.