Grants, loans and investments in Nepal.


There's no free lunch.
My perspective is different. For decades, Nepal has received numerous loans, investments and grants. Yes, Nepal can be rich by improving its politics. No country can be rich in grants or loans. All the donations, grants and loans favored corruption. Good governance and accountability to the nation and the public are at the root of the nation's richness. My opinions are grounded in fact. When it comes to microeconomic policy or market economy in Nepal, the first requires strong leadership and a publicly oriented political system. Without solid leadership and an equitable political system, Nepal cannot be developed. Who cares if it's a grant or a loan? I'm only concerned if the poor Nepalese's life is improved. Nepalese are famished, victims of injustice and violence.
 The reform of agriculture, industry and services needs to go hand in hand with political stability. Thirty-five years have passed since traitors in politics sold the nation's wealth. There has been no development in the last 30-plus years. There was no achievement of political stability. Waiting for the same people to develop and remain stable is a joke. High levels of bribery and faulty systems are unjustifiable. Nepal has not been at peace for 3 decades. The first system of politics is supposed to lie for the people of Nepal. The investments needed through a stable political system in technological education, hospitals, and transport are substantial. How can you hope to have such demands from the same corrupt people? Foreign investment will not bring wealth to the country with Nepal's corrupt political system.  why are they supporting Maoist terror and crooked criminals? Why are some nations opposed to stable Nepal under the patriotic king? Nepal needs political stability as far as development is concerned. I feel like laughing when people still think that if these failed politicians do something that has done nothing for 30 years. Nepal needs a system and responsible policymakers to support the country's development.
Foreign friends in Nepal know what they're up to. My concern is more on strategic economics. I have noticed that the immediate causes of growth and quality of life are both new and old technologies. This can happen with political stability includes tools, machinery, materials, energy sources, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and commercial practices.

Which are converted into consumable goods and services, the basic standard of living of which is summed up in the per capita income statistics. Unfortunately, the political instability has been a threat. The first stable policy of good governance must be implemented.
These corrupt politicians and the corrupt system have to be shut down before foreign investment comes into effect.