Love, and being loved in Cape May Beaches


On the beaches of Cape May, one can hear many different kinds of talks. When people talk about life, love and wedding, and other gather around to listen, it sometimes feels as if a big conversation had been organized. This type of thing has been recurring over the past few days. On the beach, close to my house, some people talk about the politics, weather, with long sighs. Others talk about the jobs and travel, and still others talk about public expenditures, cold, Snow and the Shore. As we know, Cape May has some of the most beautiful Jersey Shore beaches.

I do like to talk on the beach in Wild wood. I feel happy when my friends and people talk about love, wedding, poetry and life. I hear scores of stories comparable to Romeo and Juliet, - a popular work of literature about a loving husband and wife whose tale ends in tragedy is often repeated.

Today, it is especially not cold in the beach of Wild wood, hot than other days. A crowd surrounds two people in the beach, enjoying the loud argument they are having. One of them is smartly dressed in a suit and the other seems to be in a philosophic mood. The smartly dressed one asks: "Do you like life, love and the Shore?" The philosophic-looking man responds, "To tell you the truth, I like it."

To which, the smartly dressed man comes forwards and says, "That's a beautiful thing to say. I believe that with love comes change. Why wouldn't we like that?" The philosopher continues.

The well-dressed man responds, "You were talking about love, wedding, and poems just a moment ago, but now you talk about economy and employment?." This angers the philosopher a little. He says, "You all must try to understand what I am saying. Yes, I do agree that each of  us has his own problems. The present time and, naturally, it has also impacted the economic aspect of life."

He further added " We have more other options to show our hard work to children about how there is beauty and love in our life". As I prepare to leave the beach, he continues, " From now on, we are for love, and being loved in this beautiful Cape May."