My Life At The Cape May Shore.


What is freedom, life, heart, kindness, justice, peace and love? Why does it have in the heart? What is true is that in a so long period, my life is acquaint with my heart, my writings and respect it truly. What ties me is nothing but the sense of poetry, stories, love, freedom, and my beautiful feelings. Yes, there is confidence, and respect. I have spread sense of good feeling over my confidence. 

I feel my heart, while I am in the beaches. I keep the meaning of life differently here. I can't agree in what purpose and sense others are taking it - widely or narrowly '. I do agree with my writing. But what is true is that there is no artificiality in writing, love and life. Life is a permanent theme , it is immortal, it is justice for the life. I too believe in such love and life which is performed to mean. In fact, I love writing more and more, ways of my surviving and dedication. The another name of my life is present I wish to long this present happily with my stories, articles and poetry.

 It is I who to say I hate terrorism, I hate violence, I hate racism. It might be the clue of my relation that stands in my believe, the pray of my success. For me, my life is a journey, which I declared earlier. Love to life doesn't count profit . Love to writing does not count profit. If it is not only a proverb then my life as a poet and writer is unselfish. I have given nothing except good wishes and love and want to see myself a beautiful, sucessful and kind woman on the earth. I have offered love and belief keeping nothing in me.
 My heart wishes to sing a song, compose a poem, write a story of love by heart . And, this path is clear. So many obstacles are lying on the way. Perhaps, no time and way to overcome it. I wish to build a history of my feelings and writings at the Shore.

 I am always ready to fight the battle of love/life and kindness because its another name its love . Such confidence is already developed insight me.  I can't allow to lose the honesty of love, kindness and freedom. These are my clarification which I dare to put forward. I am fighting for that truth on my articles . Am I wrong in my conclusion ?

The another name of the life is struggle . The days are bright but nights are dark.  I am feeling inner pain sometimes a deep pain (since lost my older sister).  In my part, my life is the light of my life. Without this, the life is dark . Writing and dancing are my destination. 

I also believe, 'whenever you will be in the extreme feel of love, poetry and stories, the pain and sorrow will be wiped out . This is the foundation of my values..

When I feel love for myself, my stories and poetry the moment becomes the most important moment. It would be me, is unexpected, but like the touch of poem , I can keep my life permanent and unbelievable .
 At present, I am watching at the people walking on the road, also sitting on the bench outside my home in Cape May. There is no cold outside. I love walking to the beach and walking the boardwalk in Wildwood and in Cape May. It's beautiful with beautiful beaches, shops, restaurants, amusement rides, water parks and all the beautiful things that make life more intresting. The environment is  so attractive.  I am feeling love in heart. I opened the windows of my room and looked out. I regard myself, my beautiful life. 

The sky and the hearts should be unified. I have to live for my life and the plans that I am imagining. Heart to heart writing is important and it will be one step forward in the field of love, freedom, and kindness.