News coverage on women and violence.


My perspective is grounded in fact. 

Women's issues have received media attention. Moreover, women who suffer from sexual crimes such as rape, prostitution, forced abortion and social exclusion are no longer able to do justice on their own. Escalating violence and escalating violence against women are also of a similar nature. 

Women who have been deprived, harassed and frustrated are part of the media as well.

Young women have also been identified in the media as being societal-oriented. If young women are going to do anything, they're not prepared to do it physically or mentally. 

As an example, when the Maoists were in a criminal war against humanity at that time. 

How the Nepalese Maoist gangs would drive them out for days and weeks to rape and deport them.

In my view, where law and order are weaker that the situation also aggravates the rape of women, 

in the whole of society, as in Nepal, 

Because police officers are so distracted by the violence, they tend to ignore civilian crimes, including crimes against women. 

Certainly a number of cases of rape have been reported in the media.

I follow very closely what is happening with women not just in Nepal, but overall, 

These days and the way the media are reporting on it.

And I think the greatest challenge at the moment is to convince. 

That woman is unwilling to tolerate violence on a daily basis. I believe in it and I am very supportive of it. 

Equality and nothing are worth anything, followed by personal safety and respect for women's bodies. 

But women can only be protected by a healthy economy, a good government that is accountable to the nation and to the people.

Women can be safe and secure if education, empowered by powerful media defenders of women. 

By doing so, women's lives will improve their quality of life around the world.

I really believe that when there is peace, law, order and system in the country, women feel independent.

News and opinions on women's discrimination, violence, rape, trafficking, corruption, Counter-views are found in the daily news.

When the violence erupts, 

Women with developmental means, And when political act as a partisan advocate, it cannot be treated, considered or respected. 

Even if the rapes intensify and the media talk about them, nothing will come out of the forces.

All of that, however, is not to downplay the seriousness of the situation. 

Women know that a strong political will, an inseparable and unshakeable effort to fight sexual violence is necessary to achieve justice. 

Aa a woman I really think that women are disappointed by violent politics and media coverage.

Street women no longer pay attention to the conceptual and theoretical semantic of media coverage of women's issues. The majority of women share a variety of ideologies. Such an approach is of great importance to those who are suffering.

There are still hundreds of problems to be solved before women can expect total security and justice.

The clash of different ideologies and circumstances and of different political opinions. 

Has shown that justice with only slogans of various concepts will lead women in general to make bad decisions for the worse. 

But on the other hand, attempts to rape and discriminate are shifting, 

Marvelous or evil, worse, or worse is to be decided by time.

Some women began to fear that even those living in safe urban centers might suffer. 

As well as those of the villages have suffered over the past decades and years.

In spite of reports of extortion, abduction, threats and sporadic conflicts, a sense of comfort is perceived in Africa in Asia, in Europe in America. Women have been adversely affected by the press. Rising prices, as a result of transportation disruptions and market closures, 

School closures, disruptions to children's education, and so on also make women's lives miserable. 

The increase in unemployment and redundancies in the tourist industry. Just like crime rates.

Suffice it to say at this time women, finally began to "DO" things, instead make wishful thinking and expect others to do things in our favor. This time, we have all been somewhat more responsible. And that's what the questions should be in the press.