Poor Nepalese and wealthy politicians with Nepal's defeat.


Nepalese and wealthy politicians with Nepal's defeat.
I can say that when corrupt politicians come to power, they defeat the country and the people. Now they are rejected by the Nepali due to their failures. Nepalese with no hope adopted new slogans because they did not know the truth. Therefore, the people welcomed violence and corruption into power. Although the country has been corrupt, violent and evil for 30 years, nobody cares about building infrastructure for education, electricity, communications, water supply and transportation. They blew up everything I can think of. Poor governance is another problem for lack of leadership. It has been proven time and time again that politicians will not work hard when loan grants and donations are mainly in the best interests of themselves and their families. That's how self-centered they are. The economy of a politically disorganized ruler lacks adequate incentives. This means that the economy has never been competitive and has not been in a position to support the poor. This is why ongoing poverty.
I hope the young Nepalese will be so unhappy that they will chase the fallen politicians away. When the change in politics is not good for people's survival, except for politicians. Politicians have to put their money where their mouth is and flee into a shelter. When will the disgraced politicians discover that they will never succeed in any way?
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