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One day i will share the world the way I met you?


Kelly, let me write for you. One day i will share the world the way I met you? <> -Kamala Sarup

Sunset, at your house today.

Tears on my face.

Go on, see how nice you are.

I hope the journey continues alongside the Harrison.

Very emotional journey.

An intuitive, instinctive ability to live.

If I must speak the truth,

Nobody likes the time or life.

Has treated me as you have. How I met you.

The moon was up there. Just the sun shined. And I met you then.


Politically supported media and their impact


My article on politically supported media and their impact was published. With a master's in journalism as well, I have studied journalism in depth and its role in achieving fairness. I have pointed out how In addition to commercial media, there are also political media. It is funded and run by different political parties and individual politicians. And of course, the government, the media like before, exists too. Each of these kinds of media, are used news and profit points of view for the respective interests of the controller or investor.


How I met my employer.


How I met my employer. I got totally transformed by beautiful Kelly and Andrew. Kamala Sarup The first time I met Andrew in December, I asked him if I was looking for a job. I met Kelly the week after, she was so beautiful. An amazing and positive attitude of mind and work. 


Advocating for the health of women


Written by Kamala Sarup, Dr. Anand Chaudhary



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