Education and recidivism go against each other


The disparity in state spending on prison has risen nearly 3 times in comparison to education whereas in some states like Colorado, South Dakota and, Wyoming the number has raised up to 5, 6 and 7 respectively. I believe this is a serious dilemma.

Born and raised in a small-sandwiched country between India and China, I faced a lot of trouble getting proper guidance in terms of quality of life and the importance of education. A country where many people in rural parts still have no clue about schools let alone the idea of getting literate. Growing up, and gradually gaining experiences, I learned that education plays a very important role in life. Providing education is in a sense providing better job opportunities to the people that will eventually raise their economic condition. Investing in education or making it affordable is what people like you and me need.

I think there is an inverse relationship between education and poverty. Countries where education isn’t considered as a tool for development, poverty has spread its roots deep beneath unable to remove. A good education will provide a person with skills adequate for today’s competitive world. He / She will get a well-paying job and becomes a civilized taxpaying citizen too, which is also very important for the economic development of the country. Doing so one will not risk his/her life committing a crime and hence, reduce the rate of criminal activities too. But, education is not an easy subject and sometimes it feels like a dream. The government must provide affordable education from the pre-K so as to make this a reality. If we can educate without a debt sentence or if we don’t have any tuition-free education system people will be left uneducated and will never ever get a better life for his/her family.

Education and recidivism also go against each other and isn’t surprising. While some activities deserve to get behind bars, America has laws that criminalize a vast array of minor or victimless behavior involving narcotics. This has resulted in overcrowded prisons requiring more funds to construct a new correctional facility. But, the sole purpose of this facility is to make the prisoners self – realize their wrong acts and prevent them to do it again. However, the rate of recidivism of those who don’t have a good education; low paying jobs (or no jobs at all) and some belonging to the minority groups have gone high. On the other hand, it is seen that prisoners that receive some education inside the prison are likely to continue when they are released; becoming a professor and a college graduate with a better paying job is its success story. So, prison education plays a very important role in today’s world. It is the least expensive and more effective solution for the financial issues caused by recidivism. If the incarcerated are released after serving their time, they will find a change in their social skills and educational level to function or even survive in the society. This will immediately convince them to stay away from acts that placed them in prison. Only then, imprisonment will serve its true purpose. They become a tax-paying citizen and their family will no longer depend on welfare. Also, a prisoner who participates in educational programs get good time credits and leave the prison early which in turn reduces the funds required for prisons too.

“Budgets reflect our values, and the trends revealed in this analysis are a reflection of our nation’s priorities that should be revisited,” said Education Secretary John B. King Jr. in a press release. “We need to invest more in prevention than in punishment, to invest more in schools, not prisons.”

We need to wage war against illiteracy by providing affordable education and poverty automatically gets eliminated. Without it, thousands of people in the world have been facing an indefinite period of uncertainty and anxiety. Every day countless people are dying because of it and still the number in the charts doesn’t seem to go down. It is due to this fact that the general population of my home country is still below the poverty line. The ratio of illiterates to the literates in rural areas is so low that it has hindered the overall development of the country. This is not only one country’s problem but seen all over the world. Thousands of students from all over the globe come to study in the United States just to improve their current situation hoping for a better future. If the people are uneducated in a country, then the minority of educated people will pass laws that do not promote the interests of the general population but for their interest only. It is disappointing that some political leaders globally are using educational institutions as their playgrounds for politics. So-called politicians are using most intelligent students and their future is being destroyed by false promises. I think this is the right time to raise our voices and think about the betterment of society. I think every nation should address and be concerned with it so as to function adequately.

I don’t know how many opportunities present administration will create. I want Trump administration to wage voice for a free-educational system to improve. Radical reforms are needed because the issue is to promote economic growth with essential economic service for the people like national health care for all, and public education of high quality for everyone or funds for the poor students. We need to work on both but always try to help students first.

In conclusion, we should try to extend our active cooperation and enforce positive working relationships in establishing permanent scholarship educational funding opportunities for general people. It can put youth to work more efficiently. A significant measure relating district changes in education funding and in the schools is socio-economic productivity. It is an important thing because it indicates whether people are expended to economic development. In doing so I hope any nation can be free from crime and recidivism, encouraging liberation towards imprisonment and living a worry free life.