Job growth and economic security.


It is hard to vote properly during times of hunger and homelessness. 

Furthermore, it is difficult to make informed decisions without the knowledge of a responsible officer. 

It is very difficult to exercise social/democratic rights when basic needs affect life as a result of poverty and economic conditions. 

According to economic theory, a sustainable economy will generate a sort of co-operation between representatives of the population that will result.

Those things benefit the people who elected them, not the public servants themselves. 

When elected representatives focus solely on their wealth and achievements, such economic development can easily create a condition conducive to social unrest.


The social conditions that foster successful economic development include effective leadership, literacy, universal free education, 

And continuing education opportunities for adults, including. 

Retraining based on changing economic circumstances, universal public education, universal health care and an educated population. 

Enough and with sufficient economic awareness to benefit from the development and educational system to educate oneself economically and politically. 

If these conditions exist, the electorate may indeed judge the politicians it elects and not re-elect them. 

If they find their actions inadequate or insufficiently productive to resolve social evils.


All forms of governmental and economic development are difficult to instill and manage successfully due to human nature. 

The socio-economic position is no different. Although the history of economic experiments in Europe and South America is a guide, many variants are sometimes needed for an individual to create a viable economy.


Consideration should be given to the local economic situation in each country. In creating and supporting economic success, 

One nation must also allow the ingredients that "grow" and feed democracies: literacy, effective leadership, education and development activity. 

Women's rights as the necessary complement to any efficient economy.


The impossibility of acknowledging and dealing with dangerous social ills does not create favorable conditions for the development of an economic society.