Love has no end


"You have a letter from home," My friend  handed over a damped letter and left to take a hot bath.  I opened the letter. It was from my parents. They love me as the moonlight night. It is raining outside and a slow breeze is entering the windows.
 I opened the letter and read, " We can give you love by heart with the help of which we can survive. It is a compulsory need to accept someone's help to lead a life without pain."
The first paragraph of the letter overcasts joys in me 'from an opposite corner of the earth, it provides a great pleasure to read received letter and to write them a letter in return.  I am really happy to see the day to day growing relationship between my parents and me.' I started to write them a reply.
"I love you, I miss you." I began my letter of reply in such a way.
I was walking on this road.  In the far distance,  I could see cars' headlights. On a lonely and calm road, I was walking silently.  I tried to draw the attention  with my words, "you seemed to be talkative but now you are silent.  Perhaps, you are tired."' My friend said to me.
I remember what she had told -   I remember the morning that we wept while remaining hand on hand. People were walking through your houses. I thought, how could the people be so happy? I could see them laughing in louder sound. "It is better to live and laugh than to be serious all the time," she told me.
 My mind ordered me to stop in the second paragraph of the letter. It is raining heavily outside. The night has matured. I kept the letter under the pillow and managed to go to bed.
 The sun has already crossed a long way into the day. The flowers blooming in earthen pots gave me a kind of pleasure and mental peace, but the peace inside in the mind, and that outside in the environment, is a very differerent situation.
The sun is producing heat outside.  I wonder and think, what would be the degree of business for a woman?
I began to consult and think about my parent's e-mails. I expect love.  There lines in the email provide context and I too intend to enlighten the light of harmony. I have composed some poems and written short stories.  I must increase their number. I thank them for such inspiration.   The road is vacant. Children are not making merry in front of the house." E-mail has made me serious and sympathetic . I have decided to make them the principles of life without any comment .
 Our relationship might be one part of our life- a never forgettable story. By nature, is serious and takes anybody in confidence without delay.  
"'No one can compromise to cease life, can it ? Be beautiful, kind and respectful' We talked on the telephone in the style of a face to face discussion.  The telephone call instilled great pleasure ino my mind. My mind concentrated io such things and I remembered the sayings of my parents.