Tara Distinguished Award Established In Nepal


Tara Distinguished Award Established In Nepal

Kathmandu Research Centre has recently established ' Surendra -Tara Distinguished Award in memory and contribution of Dr Surendra Bhakta Pradhanang - Father of Village Tourism of Nepal.

The research centre has contributed Rs one lakh and fifty one thousand as a permanent fund -   ' Akshya Kosh' for providing distinguished award annually to the topper in SEE at English Preparatory School (EPS) ,Kathmandu ,Nepal.

For the year 1973, on the occasion of golden jubilee of EPS ,the cash prize Rs 10,000,certificate and medal have been provided to SEE topper in a grand function held in Kathmandu.

Dr Surendra Bhakta Pradhanang who is the Father of Village Tourism and eminent tourism economist highlighted the importance  and place of village tourism of Nepal to the national development. Dr Pradhanang added that village tourism entrepreneurship has to be urgently developed. The award established for attracting people  for development of village tourism in Nepal and abroad.

On the grand program,principal of EPS, Mrs Pramila Singh praised and honorably appreciated Surendra -Tara Distinguished Award as a prestigious symbol of respected Dr Pradhanang and EPS as well.
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