They are just beautiful



Kamala 'Sarup'

My bosses  Kelly and Andrew from Middle Township have such great character.  I felt particularly heartbroken last week because we lost a beautiful human being jacob. I cried,  he was undoubtedly an expert in making jokes and enjoyed talking.

When I started to work with them {the Harrison inn) Kelly told me, "You are nice." I answered her, "The moon is beautiful to look at, but in fact it is so far that we cannot touch it. When there are clouds or rain, it disappears in no time. What I think is that your liking of me should be like the moon that stares at the earth.”  

  I always want  to see her happy and beautiful. I do my best, giving my love and honor. Work is like worship. It provides pleasure to me. How can we prove ourselves as wonderful women without overcoming difficulties? I am fighting continuously for a bright future and to establish the ideals and values of life. This is the reason why I come here to work with her as  every day it moves me to see all the wonderful people.

I remember our first meeting and how Kelly said to me, "women are beautiful" Her character attracted me from our very first meeting. My philosophy of life is work.

Kelly really helped me when I actually need help. She even gave me a job.

She is a brilliant woman. We can give you love by heart with the help of which we can survive. It is a compulsory need to accept someone's help to lead a life.
 Kelly and Andrew gave me a card on my birthday.  The first paragraph of the card overcasts joys in me, it provides a great pleasure to read received card.   I am really happy to see the day to day growing relationship between my bosses and me.

"I love you, I honor you." I like to reply in such a way.

I was walking on this road.  In the far distance,  I could see cars' headlights. On a lonely and calm road, I was walking silently.  I tried to draw the attention  with my words.
I remember what Kelly had told me last year, "It is better to live and laugh than to be serious all the time,".

 The sun has already crossed a long way into the day. The flowers blooming in earthen pots gave me a kind of pleasure and mental peace, but the peace inside in the mind, and that outside in the environment, is a very differerent situation.

The sun is producing heat outside.  I wonder and think, what would be the degree of business for a woman?

I began to consult and think about my work.. There lines in the message provide context and I too intend to enlighten the light of harmony. I have composed some poems and written short stories.  I must increase their number. I thank my bosses for such inspiration.   The road is vacant
 Our relationship might be one part of our life- a never forgettable story.

"'No one can compromise to cease life, can it ? Be beautiful, kind and respectful' Kelly talked in the style of a face to face discussion.  Let's forward to establish a history of our relationship. It not for us, it might be the pillar for coming generation. I am always ready to fight the battle of freedom, justice, peace and love and harmony. Such confidence is already developed insight me. These are my clarification which I dare to put forward . I am fighting for that truth .
 life stands for sorrow and happiness, success and failure.  I think the life is beautiful too.
My love to my bosses for humanity, love and respect.