Valentine’s Day: Only Love


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I have learned, "Love brings only love." To observe life and the world through love and to explore life and pleasure for oneself, from there should be our life.

The main aim of our life is to seek love. To set the life in order and to restore a dynamic love’s arrival is necessary in life. Some people may argue that love’s creation is an outcome of continual endeavor. It is true, living creation can only be created by an endeavor.

"Happy Valentine's Day to you. Survive for love,” my friend said. I told my friend, "We have the right to live on love and the freedom to be free as the white flowers live." Life is a difficult journey. Love is a difficult journey. Sometimes, I want to tell the story of the journey of my life, how I longed to fly in the sky during childhood.

Life means to struggle, and I struggled, so that I would never remain unloved, unlucky and unnoticed. I have dreamed about many things in life, above all, being loved. "We survive for love and I am always ready to fight the battle for love. Look up at the sky from the top of the house. Keep watching the sky, " my childhood friend said.

My Valentine's card from my parents read, "We love you by heart. We have a repeated opinion of you. You are trying to cross the dark nights and reach to the world of love and light." It provides quite a different pleasure to read this, coming from my parents.

I thank them for such inspiration. They hold the second position in my heart and mind, the first being held by God. Their Valentine's card has shown me the right path in life.

Now, sitting here, I am trying to write a poem for Valentine's Day. The sun has already crossed a long way into the day in Cape May. The naked sun is producing heat outside the shore.

I am trying to grow a plant into the environment of love. Words seem complete to explain my love.

I love my parents and friends for their love, forgiveness, beauty, freedom and companionship.