Beautiful Life, Memory And Love

Like the morning sun the love has made me to bloom. How can I love the creature whom I have not talked ? This  question pinches me all the time . Is it possible to love such life ? I hesitated . 'My only love of this world ' without a single look  my childhood friend has sent me the above words by e-mail . 'whenever you will be in the extreme feel of love , beauty and life, the pain and sorrow will be wiped out . My words will provide you place as the breeze does . I am sure that you keep me in the corner of your heart . This is the foundation of your love '. This long e-mail sent by him suddenly increases the beatings of my heart . I wonder to know that the love through e-mail can play such a sensitive role .

'One can live in loving atmosphere', this is  the lesson that I have learnt from that e-mail. I too started to send e-mail ' when I feel love for you , the moment becomes the most important moment . The imaginary recalls , so sweet recalls, I never
expected . It was sure that the element like you will be lovely, but it would be you, is unexpected, but like the touch of poem , we can keep our love permanent and unbelievable .' I inserted this long e-mail .

This age , the moment of internet has helped me to be the happiest creature of this world . The cool breeze is blowing outside. I can see the long ribbon like road to the south of my rented room. The road is busy . It has become my duty to look up the busy road, the road is road . It does not loose its track like the heart. This might be the prime feature of road. This is the difference between them. The
vehicles and crowd make the road busy.

The road never hesitates. How happy the people will be if the heart remains inflexible like the road I stop to watch the crowd and the kids on the road. The streets are busy and the people in the street are more busy . No body has time to
think for others . Indeed, it is good to be busy but what upsets me is that I find myself  among the people or crowed on the road . "

'What I am feeling now is that our way of  life are similar. I believe in deep friendship which I think must be delicate as well . So, can't we join our hands to lead a happy life.' I became almost dumb when an aged man in Chinese complexion told me the above words in Arlington VA. I felt heart beating. My mind unknowingly concentrated in the proposal that entered into my ear through
telephone wire .

 I am fond of  flowers. It is my assumption that life should be as delicate as flowers.  In the early morning, I transferred this message to my friend through telephone. I am not sure whether he heard the word flower or not but what is conform
is that he is also as delicate as me, this is perhaps he is a poet . I can easily feel his delicacy in his voice.

Although he speaks well in phone , it is the matter of far off from the opposite side of this earth . Probably, we will never meet and see each other. The result of probability might be positive or negative.  No one can say .

At present, I am watching at the people walking on the road sitting on the bench outside my residence. My hands are busy, there is no cold outside. The environment is sad but attractive. But I am feeling fear in heart .  

'Tomorrow is holiday, would you accompany me to Washington ?'The
 man proposed me handing a red flower. The handing red flower keeps deep meaning In America . When some one is eager to keep close
relationship. I have heard it from many people not once but frequently . It may not  be wrong .  I decided to reject the proposal directly. I replied in civil
manner, 'Thank you ! I am so busy that even I have no time to think
for myself . Perhaps , I am unable to keep friendship with you for a
long time. We both are busy . We don't have leisure time to spend.  It
is better to keep our  way separately.'  He became sad . He went off
without notice . I wondered and watched at his steps . I felt uneasy
to sit outside the house and went in unconsciously .

I opened the windows of my room and looked out. I could see the park,
the beautiful landscape far off, military parade, the tall trees and
the blooming flowers . They provided me happiness.

'Let's have a friendship', he proposed . The proposal made my heart to
swing. Every parts of body began to play with touch. I dare not  stand
in front of mirror . 'Send me your snap. ? ' He spoke in a filthy way,
though the temperature was low , the heart beat was high . I went
inside the room . Every thing was happening so fast as if it was
dream. I began to consult with e-mail . 'I regard you. The sky and the
hearts should be unified. We are to live for our future and the plans
that we are imagining.  Every episode brings separate
message in my mind.' His e-mail makes me mad every time.

In case we fail to meet , we must continue our love for each other. Heart to heart love is important than physical love . I think, love is durable . If we accept this principle, we will be one step forward in the field of love and we can dedicate ourselves for the immortality of love.' I began to type on keyboard.