Stop legalizing marijuana.


Stop legalizing marijuana.

-Kamala Sarup

Marijuana is a harmful substance that I strongly oppose The fact that the leaders want to legalize it is surprising. If legalized, teens will always choose smoking over boring classes, which will result in addiction becoming a greater cause of mishaps in the future.

They attend lectures in their classrooms, and their mind's psychoactive effects will lead them to an euphoric state, creating a false reality to escape reality. The development of young teens into successful and responsible adults has been hampered by legal substances such as alcohol in our community. Legalizing marijuana has the potential to be the next big thing.

Exploiting it in an unstable manner will lead to more accidents and other crimes. We are cognizant of the fact that illegal drug use and distribution are a problem. Poisoning is most commonly caused by young people and women.

The reason why marijuana should not be legalized is because it will encourage young people, including women, to get high all the time. Each action has its advantages and disadvantages. Leaders expect hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues if it is legalized, which is a great idea for the economy.

The development of the economy has negative effects that are more significant than its positive ones. What is the number of people who will use it if the country legalizes it for personal use? Are you confident in your desire for our future generations to become addicted?

This news is a source of disappointment and sadness for the younger generation Especially for mothers. In summary, the legalization of marijuana will have an impact on youth, both directly and indirectly, and therefore must be considered.

Before making any decisions, it is taken into account. Marijuana's psychological properties make it a drug that has both short and long-term effects.

The short-term effects include red eyes, dry mouth, and short-term memory loss, while the long-term effects include addiction. Teenagers who start using it in their teenage years experience a decrease in their mental ability. Human rights face a real and growing threat.

The business sector is also impacted by it. To safeguard people, actions must be taken to stop addiction without waiting for a larger proportion of people to become addicted. To promote what is right, it is important to prioritize the health of people.

Although marijuana use is illegal, it is necessary to stop this problem. Preventive and treatment programs are necessary to protect women and young people.

I comprehend how challenging it is, but I am determined to find a solution to this. The crisis needs to be resolved at the community level as well.

Preventing and protecting against it requires the community to play an important and effective role.