Women, Illegal Drugs


Women, Illegal Drugs

Kamala Sarup | The United Nations April 19 adopted a new framework for drug control and made a report which states, “…to address and counter the world drug problem, appropriate emphasis should be placed, on individuals, families, communities and society as a whole, with a view to promoting and protecting the health, safety and well-being of all humanity.”Drug traffickers exploit the naivety of women.

Homicide, prosecutions were not being brought


Although there is no simple and universally accepted definition of homicide crime but in simple words, a homicide crime is unlawful act punishable by the authority or a state. Hence, there exist different categories or different types of misconduct such as personal, property, inchoate and statutory crimes that is not accepted by the community or a state. Homicide and domestic violence is considered as one of the biggest crime today even when homicide violence laws are very strict.

When journalism turns unilateral and false.


Much of the press is politically or controlled.

Politically supported media and their impact


My article on politically supported media and their impact was published. With a master's in journalism as well, I have studied journalism in depth and its role in achieving fairness. I have pointed out how In addition to commercial media, there are also political media. It is funded and run by different political parties and individual politicians. And of course, the government, the media like before, exists too. Each of these kinds of media, are used news and profit points of view for the respective interests of the controller or investor.

Put an end to poverty by social reformers, economist or socialist?

Put an end to poverty by social reformers, economist or socialist?

Author: Kamala 'Sarup'

The Nepali are political casualties.

The situation of the Nepalese population remained unchanged for more than 30 years. The so-called multiparty democracy becomes a multicorrupt crowd. In the meantime, as before, deportations, killings and extortions continue in Nepal. Some political parties will continue to carry out extortion, 

love to rule over you.

 Is it possible to love someone whom one has never seen? This question has been pricking me since a long time. Is it possible to love such a person? I am wrecked by this question again and again.
“My only love of this world…!” She could not believe this line. She has never seen him; she never felt him closely. How could he write this to her? She could not trust the message on her email.

That horrible Maoist war hit women. A true story.

This true story is based on my diary, 

That I have written about my friend's uncle and wife. 

The painful death of her husband for why?

The following is a copy of my diary. My friend's husband was killed by Maoists in Nepal.

News coverage on women and violence.

My perspective is grounded in fact. 

Women's issues have received media attention. Moreover, women who suffer from sexual crimes such as rape, prostitution, forced abortion and social exclusion are no longer able to do justice on their own. Escalating violence and escalating violence against women are also of a similar nature. 


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