Dance and poetry are committed to reviving


Dance and poetry are committed to reviving old value

The feeling, emotion and sentiment of a person never dies. These are the elements of spirit. We live in feeling, emotion, and sentiment before and after death. The feeling that the spirit lives on after death makes a person positive towards life. I am positive towards life, and so towards spirit. Some people may argue that the creation of poetry and art is an outcome of continual endeavour. Creation is essentially an outcome of inherent ingenuity. The living creation cannot be created by an endeavour. Inherent ingenuity is a must. A writer is born, not made. An artist is born, not made. The conflicting powers should be made weaker in order to make their ideas much stronger. The opinions and ideas of others should be regarded. Then only can peace be restored in the country, and the nation can be rescued.

Dance and poetry are committed to reviving old values and constructing new ones in accordance with the changing times. I like to present new things. To achieve my goal, I have developed my own philosophy in writing and dancing, through which I explore and, hopefully, offer some meaning and relevance.

This philosophy, for me, means to fully observe life and the world through literature, arts, and dance to explore peace, love, happiness, and pleasure. And finally, to explore oneself to better understand how "I" fit in with others, and the world as a whole. The main aim of my life is to seek peace, love, and happiness.

Many words have lost their meaning -- and the meaning of truth has been changed or lost. This has compelled me to seek meaning in each step of life. For me, the only quest is about truth. Even in my course of study of Western writings, dancing and the arts, I found the same thing.

"To set the world in order, and to restore love, peace, harmony and happiness, a dynamic leader's arrival is necessary in the world. At such a time, I have challenged Nietzsche, and declared a new god within man. Thus, challenging Nietzsche, I am going a step forward establishing an avant-garde trend in my writing. Science and technology can never ignore the feeling and sensibility of the creator. "Heartless" science and technology can never challenge the truth of creation.

"In this age of science, Ravindranath Tagore is known as India, Milton is known as England, Homer is known as Greece, Vergil is known as Rome, Frost is known as America, Bhanubhakta is known as Nepal. A writer writes simply because he can create emotion, sentiment, and feeling in his creation."

Poets like to communicate feelings to people, to evoke emotion. Artists like to dance with people to evoke love and emotion. They want thoughts to be disseminated as widely as possible. I prefer to write poems when the subject is serious. I write short stories when I want to present the modes of human characters. I like to write plays when I feel conflict in feelings and ideas. The subject also is important for me. In my poems, I have taken themes of universal values like peace, harmony, and freedom. As to the subject of my stories, I have shown mostly the negative characters that dwell in the heart of society."Poet from Kathmandu, Gopal Parajuli, told me,

As I mentioned in the beginning, that knowledge and education were represented by poems, I wrote to gain knowledge for myself and then share it with my fellow human beings. I matured, I knew that literature had a far deeper connotation than just gathering and giving information. I knew that the art of dance had a far deeper connotation than just dancing. It dealt with emotions and aspirations reaching spiritual heights. In fact, literature and art have encompassed the whole gamut of civilized human existence.

Today, I feel that I write to express myself, dance to express myself. It has now become an inseparable vocation which I cannot do with out. I remember that it is the spirit that makes one a poet or an artist.

Parajuli also said, "The world's picture dramatically changed after the first and second World Wars. This has had a definite impact on everyone, particularly many women. Time has not been moving forward in a certain direction. The aimless movement of time has made the future of many women worldwide to be even more uncertain and precarious.

"The question of peace and security hangs in limbo before us. In such a crucial time of emotional crisis, I have searched for answers in God. My assumption is that the women and men with the power of divinity can help lead the world through spirituality to God and, at the same time, can help protect the universe with His greatness and strength."

 Published in UPIAsia Blog.