Disabled Children In New Jersey.


I worked at the Cape May County Special services school for a year in 2011 and during my tenure I came to realize the importance of quality education to the children who are physically and emotionally disabled. The former principal of Ocean Academy, Mary Margaret Lynn, was so wonderful and kind. She was the most kind principal I've ever met.

It was wonderful to see the children at the special-services school getting the right kind of education that helps them improve the quality of their life. For children with disabilities, as for all children, education is vital and it is a key to economic development of a community.

Access to free education is a strong step towards achieving the economic progress for our disabled children. But sadly some countries have barriers such as inadequate resources, teacher training and support, lack of financial support and policies, and hence are unable to educate them effectively. Due to lack of proper environment there is no teaching-learning environment. Disabled children who are still struggling for hand-to-mouth problem because of their lack of courage and opportunities must get help.

Implementing awareness programs through education is a first strong program towards achieving this goal. I think doing this will be give rise to acts towards helping humanity.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) recognizes the right of all children with disabilities both to be included in the general-education systems and to receive the individual support they require. According to UNESCO more than one billion people around the world, of whom nearly 93 million are children, live with some form of disability. Children with disabilities are one of the most discriminated groups, facing daily discrimination in the form of negative attitudes.

Children are the targets of social attacks by the social inequalities. Disabled children are often likely to be among the poorest members of the population in many countries and they are being bullied. They are less likely to attend school, access medical services, or have their voices heard in society. WHO emphasized on prioritizing good quality education in an inclusive environment to children with disabilities all over countries. WHO further added,

"Countries cannot achieve Education for All or the Millennium Development Goal of universal completion of primary education without ensuring access to education for children with disabilities."

Minors with disability especially living on or below the poverty line are also "extremely vulnerable" towards sexual exploitation and have no opportunity for education, globally. Children are dropping out of childhood.

Disabled Children want good education and social protection but for the past decade, the responsible institutions have failed miserably to protect and provide children's right, globally. There are no statistics available on the number of victims. But, once young people feel hopeless, they really do give up. They don't take the steps that might build a constructive future.

Therefore, I think it is a better way for the New Jersey to spend its revenues toward the objective of making educational reforms. Our educational department's program and its main target has to be disabled children. Furthermore, this program will also cause social and educative motivation in hundreds of suffered class resulting social development at the end. Besides, this concept will get very influential media coverage since it is definitely a new and relevant concept that focuses on disabled children in New Jersey.

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