Enterprises and Provence in the town.


It's been four years since I met Kelly and Andrew.   That was a great meeting with a lot of new emotions: 

first, with a responsibility to lead, to the next meeting; 

First time on the job; first time on the clock.

At that first meeting, I got hired by Kelly and Andrew approved it. As a Casablanca employee, I began watching Harrison's activities. Then I couldn't imagine that after four years, things would change dramatically and I would become so powerful emotionally and professionally. Initially, my trust in my work was not great but the standard with the company was high. 

I was unfamiliar with my employer and my colleagues. First impressions must be made. When the time comes for the first workday, how would I feel? Harrison, Pharosh, casabalnaca and Provence are examples of how its owner Kelly and Andrew make the difference.

I think the recent focus by President Biden and his administration for small business will be preferable to the people of this country.  We should reduce interest on business loans and make it easier to obtain these loans. To start a small business, we need more free job training and also educate prospective owners about the minimum risk of starting a business.

By focusing on small businesses in New Jersey, particularly in Cape May County, 

It can then create jobs for many people, increase the employment rate and collect ideas that have already been stifled by big business. Now everyone can initiate their own affairs with their own ideas.

Apple was a small business that was started in a garage. Nobody knew where the airline was going. Now, Apple has presented technology gifts that have allowed us to complete many difficult tasks with ease. Also, there may be other companies like Apple that want to do something beyond our imagination. I think that's their opportunity.

Big companies in the United States take all the work, make small businesses useless and take care of them instead of their communities or the workers are paid less. In my opinion, Cape May is in great need of small businesses to help people earn a decent income. 

Many educated people require stable employment, a place to invest local funds, and an incentive for their investments. This is vital to the local community, because a healthy and entrepreneurial small business is not only an asset to the family, but also a beacon to the entire community.

Local financial institutions are needed to hire an immediate small business in the Cape May County area. Small businesses, including family businesses, should have access to specialized financial programs with lower interest rates. The effectiveness of fiscal collection needs to be improved. Without this infrastructure development, the operation of the private sector will fail to a great degree.

 The Biden government has several initiatives to stimulate the small business economy. 

But we should also accept that we need new tools to help. 

Indeed, unemployment problems can be resolved by making small businesses more efficient and transparent. Very successful business owner Kelly says she works hard and makes a difference  I agree with both of my employer.