Health care single payer system


Health charge is beyond ridiculous in the US. The US needs to reform health care because the cost is so high. Rising health care costs threatened to people like me. Atleast Bernie Sanders agrees with me on Medicare for everyone.There is an alternative, however. My advice on “health care reform” to all politicians (republicans and democrats)

Below are features of such a health care system, which assumes that all costs are borne by employer and employee payroll taxes, on the principle that if the people want it, then they will have to pay for it.


All employees and self-employed pay via payroll taxes @ 2%.

All employers pay @2% of employee payroll taxes.

Outpatient copay is $35/visit & $20 per test; inpatient copay is $200/stay, no matter how long.

Retirees and homeless pay nothing.

Unemployed must actively seek work.


All essential health care are covered: medical, mental, dental, hearing, eye, drugs, birth control, and prosthetic services and devices are free and provided by private physicians, nurses, chiropraticians, optometrists, hospices, and hospitals as chosen by patients.

Preventative health services, including educational literature, are also provided.

Non-essential services, as determined by regional physician and hospital committees appointed by peers, are not covered.

Additional health care may be purchased by any people from health insurance companies.

Medicare negotiates prices paid for health care providers and drugs.

Medicare monitors health care users to assure that they do not ask for needless care.


Hospital, physician and state administrative costs are reduced because it is a “single payer” system, which will more than offset the additional Medicare administrative costs.

Health insurance industry with associated costs are limited to elective insurance.

The US budget deficit is not increased because health care are made from general revenues; i.e., payroll taxes cover all essential health care.

There it is. A simple, self-paying health care plan available for everyone. It needs a Congressional Budget Office estimate to assure that revenues just cover costs over a 10-year period. Any mismatch can be corrected by adjusting the payroll taxes.