Jacob and the Harrison.


Jacob and the Harrison. (Poem)
Kamala Sarup

Jacob, you and the Harrison both of you
So close, so distant, so much to offer.
That there are beautiful poems 
I shall write of your presence.
We'll talk about it later. 
Walking around in the rain.
 And then many places in the heart Look at the flowers playing together. 
Look at Beauty together. 
Or take in the woods to take over the life together. 
Remind me, 
Perfect timing is a nice thing.  
Jacob the sunshine the moon. 
Watch the trees and the sky.   
Sunlight will never return there again. 
I wish I had something to say to you. 
New peninsula 
You're all incredible and amazing.
I felt so distant.
I'm walking on my own.
Great boy, Jacob. 
I'm locked into the truth.
Just so you know.
If you could connect with Harrison.
It's great for times like this.
You're so distant from us.
Surrounded by uncharted territory.
From where I was, I knew why.
People with no life.
You always speak of peace and love. 
This is a continuance of the path of faith.
I think the thoughts,
I've exposed my pride as master.
Although I wanted to get in on it.
There was nobody to listen to it.
I couldn't let down.
I want to see if any poetry is written.
I haven't left yet.
I can handle the truth.
Perfect sun
Perfect moon
Perfect time
I could hang in tears.
When it comes to work.
I'll tell you what.
How should I tell you?
The world stays where it is.
A classified division also exists.
Remember how life is defined.
No tears of any kind?
Can I cry in front of it?
Labor, purity, peace and flowering.
We can be friends and split.
Just like the moon.
You are far and bound for greatness. 
The moon does, too.
If you could get in touch with Harrison.