Literature "write for love."


Reading Robert Frost, Maya Angelou, Bukowski and Shakespear means life, happiness, freedom, tragedy and enjoy moments, etc. I have never heard literature speak of hatred or any other kinds. They respect love, and freedom. We need to move in a strong direction to protect love, humanity, peace and freedom.

Writing literature is an enjoyable and fulfilling exercise. I always believe writers attempt to provide a proof of love and freedom to convince the reader of their beliefs on humanity, love, relationship. I learned long ago that when I wanted to understand something on life, I needed to write it down, which forced me to think about all the connections in a complete and logical way.

I like to discuss love and life with my readers; they know writer's position. Most of our readers are good-natured enough to face our occasional poetry, like "write for love."

No doubt our readers regards in the same way. A famous Nepali poet Dr. Dubasu Chhetri said. "Readers are very respectful of all people, on their beliefs. Shakespeare or Frost, knows how to provide more freedom on literature ".  Poet Dubasu Chhetri further added "I remember long ago at Lincoln Center in Washington DC, looking over the shoulder of the musician playing several parts on several stringed instruments for Opera. Writers should be committed to construct new values on time. Poets have to experiment in terms of using new thought, subject, language, and style. Likely that we will write about literature on humanity or anything else associated with the life, relationship, and diversity because it varies so much among individuals, which makes generalization to say the last". He said.

" I admire writers who live their dream, and I know when we write and protect life, we certainly will, but may be it require few more things than we already posses, therefore try making a road map that we can alter anytime". Dr. Dubasu Chhetri said. It will lead to where we want to be now its high time that we have someone we share our dreams and feelings who would just listen to us, advice us, encourage us and understand our feelings, the could be anyone, readers, friends, family members or even a complete strange".

I can understand threat on literature, and purely in a life sense; that is, freeing one's mind from the mundane, every day concerns and troubles, and we need to write to seeking a peaceful, satisfying world.