Nepal gets into the race of Asia New Star Model Contest.


Nepal gets into the race of Asia New Star Model Contest.

Winners get a chance to represent Nepal at the International event with 25 countries participating in the same.

Nepal will witness a glamorous weekend on April 17th 2016 at Hotel

Shangri-la, Kathmandu where 30 participants from all over the country

will be put up on one stage and they battle it out to win the “Face of


The winners will not only win the title but will also represent Nepal for

the Asia New star Model Contest 2016 at the ASIA MODEL

FESTIVAL 2016, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, South Korea.


KMA is an affiliate of Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Republic of

South Korea, and a non-profit organization established in 1976 for the

purpose of promotion and protection of Models' rights & interest and

related business. There are twenty five participating countries namely:

Mongolia, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia,

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, India, China, Hongkong, Thailand,

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Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Nepal, Sri lanka etc. KMA has

been organizing this for the past 10 years.

Face of Nepal is unquestionably an immense joy to see top models at

this global stage. ‘Through this show we will try to help the imminent

talent and hope Nepal bags the title there. This show will surely

bring the best of opportunities for aspiring models from all over the

country. Unlike other shows this doesn’t end for the winners here. They

get to go meet different people from the same fraternity, experience their

culture, their ways and get abundance of exposure.’ Says Badal Saboo –

Chairman, Face of Nepal.

This is the first time that Nepal is participating in the Asia New Star

Model Contest, the largest and most prestigious platforms in Asia's

fashion fraternity.

The event will take place at Hotel Shangri-la, Kathmandu where 15 male

and 15 female models will be selected through online screening out of

the entries that FON will receive via website. There will be five to six

jury members pertaining to the fashion industry along with a few models

and celebrities to add on to the glamour. Delegates from Korea and India

will also be a part of the jury for the event in Nepal.

Face of Nepal is set out to be bigger celebration, scheduled on

17th April 2016 at Hotel Shangri-La, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Face of Nepal is the biggest social & digital reality event for models. It

may well be the answer to the new age marketing problem of reaching

out to the connected generation on a global scale at far less the cost of

similar offline events with far more ROI and recall.

This event is ideal for digital & smart phone natives between 16 & 30

years and has been structured around a strong mobile, online, relevant

content & social core using a mix of branding, lead generation,

engagement in a new media ecosystem using innovations like app-based

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activation and live streaming. This will be the ideal platform for any

relevant brand to partner and create a history in digital brand building in

the coming years.

The entire fashion and glamour industry will keep their eyes open for the

Asia New Star Model Festival happening in the month of May in South

Korea where it will be a festival of diversities that will have

broadcasting stations from around Asia, top celebrities of each country,

fashion and beauty shows from leading brands and top performances, at

this most awaited extravagant festival of Asian countries where the

winner from FON will join.

This is a perfect global platform for talent across the sectors of

modeling, design, fashion, acting and music. It not only promotes global

business but it will also give Nepal an opportunity to exchange Ideas

with the relevant talent and movers and shakers from all across the


It plays a role as the center hub to familiarize and span the perfection of

Asian fashion and beauty industries to the whole world. It consists of

various sophisticated shows such as each country’s traditional clothing

shows, fashion shows, hair shows and beauty shows on the stage. It’s

expected to open up new breakthroughs for them to grow as global