Put an end to poverty by social reformers, economist or socialist?


Put an end to poverty by social reformers, economist or socialist?

Author: Kamala 'Sarup'

My point in this article is a series of statements to make a finding to end poverty. That is why I pointed out in this article how important it is to empower poor to end extreme poverty. I'm trying to concentrate on how if we spend money on research into the causes and consequences of poverty produces something? Have sociologists or reformers explored this yet? In my opinion, only the right kind of education and work opportunities for change. When it comes to eliminating poverty among poor, the last century was the worst ever.

 So, do we remember that the effort to develop people will do better in the next century? I can see from all the evidence, anti-poverty theory, has done very little to prevent poverty from being appointed. Even we do disclosures and manifestos. And even so the results are dreadful. 

Also, I believe that empowering poor and education will accomplish anything? So how can we prevent the poverty of  people ?Why is publishing regulations not preventing poverty to date? Why still hard to persuade greater financial freedom. Is it possible to spend money on research into the causes and consequences of poverty? 

This has not yet been explored by sociologists or reformists? We are in serious danger of failing. 

Poverty will continue until the rest of the 21st century. So let me find out what that is? This is a strong call for a safer world for poor's economic freedom, as I hope it will.

Also, I have a lot of evidence from primitive and modern societies that poverty is always on the same page inhibited by various cultures.

Thus, the issue of increasing poor's power in social restructuring promotes employment. I'll see if my preferences for poor's economic gain are likely to achieve goals.

With respect to the Global Marshall Plan, which is a free money transfer system for poor women and children, there is no doubt that people will love it. The current economic system prefers to give money to poor living in poverty. Even we continue to face globalization, which receives money from poor in the lower class of the rich and gives a share to the poor. It will never help the poverty of women.

To conclude, there is definitely a logic that can foster economic growth. This will narrow the gap between rich and poor.

We took a lot of lectures and wrote a lot of words on the topic for many years. Why again the response is not convincing. From the poverty of poor is even there.

But logically, I believe, poor's economic growth is a crucial aspect of human civilization. This allows corporations to use existing resources and infrastructure to improve their quality of life. Good economics require the advancement of economic rights. 

Until the system eliminates poverty, overcrowding, economic decline, fear, deprivation, people's ignorance, poverty will stay. Socio-economic development and utilization, a promotion policy would help these people. Thus, the economic factors which need to be addressed for poverty to finally be resolved.

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