Rape Stigma Must Stop


There are no precise estimates, official or unofficial, of the number of women raped. Worldwide, social values towards raped women are that they are discriminated against and more legal provisions that strictly limit their rights. Where does policy stand on this issue? Worldwide, rape is one of the major women's issues. Along with that problem women also have to face rehabilitation after being raped.

It is good news that the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013, was signed into law.

The important question is how to engage women and promote their participation? One of the potential answers would be to promote women's advocacy/lobbying and massive campaigns at the local level.

According to my interest to contribute for women's causes, I was eager to write about my friend who was brutally gang-raped recently. She was a very genuine and decisive personality. After she was raped, she sent me a letter about how bad the situation was, allowing women to be raped. It is especially bad news for women's safety. In fact, society's outlook towards raped women is not good.

Worldwide, women have been beaten up by their husbands. The women are suffering but life goes on. Looking over the letter that my friend sent, I am sad to read it. She is my friend and the love pours out from my heart for her.

Remembering past times, my thoughts go out to her. She had once told me, "Men are selfish. I deserve to be treated with love. Women are exploited by men. I hate being married, Kamu."

She was wedded to her husband only last month. Only last year, she started working at a nursing hospital. Now she is a rape survivor, alone, depressed and sad. Her husband also left her because she was raped.

My reply to her was, "You are not alone, and it is not your fault you were raped. Women are being killed. Women are being looted. Women are being raped".

Women’s equality does not depend on the income level of the country. Equality is a political commitment. Equality with men in a male-dominated culture and society alone is not enough.

Let there be a proper environment where women can exercise their democratic rights freely and fairly. Let there be a good environment globally where women can exercise their rights, where women will be respected with freedom.
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