Unemployment may result in depression.


Poverty, unemployment and bad politics have created a lot of frustration for young people. Poverty and political instability are also disappointed. This situation has led to depression amongst young people. I wrote a true story about a friend of mine who got depressed when he couldn't find a job. 

My friend is spending a lot of time at home at the moment. he's not getting out at all, but if he departs, he chooses the shortest route if possible, But if he doesn't, he prefers a single way, although he may have to cover a longer distance. 

He learned to suppress his desires to walk or walk, or to speak plainly, his current condition and mental state taught him to kill his desire. That's what keeps him home.

The lively streets are rarely short of people and the opportunity to meet personalities is greater. 

The small town makes him lock it in his house. When he meets relatives or friends, He was bombarded with questions like: Where is your work now, what did you do, why a man as competent as you, and so forth?
Thus he suffered many pains, trying to answer their inquisitive requests. 
Many times he fell low before his former classmates, seeing them walking proudly in the national dress of Daura and Suruwal. 

It is to save himself from the depression resulting from such incidental encounters that he does not like to go out for a walk.

He's a brilliant man. As a student at his school and university, he has been a great success. His limited financial experience meant that he was unable to pursue post-secondary education beyond his undergraduate degree. 
He had no option but to go and find himself a job. He needed work not just for himself, but for his whole family. 

He got a job and started working, but it was still temporary. He studied hard, gave his tests, but he was always turned down for permanent employment. 

Occasionally, his self-confidence and efforts deceived him. And, little by little, he attained a state of mind when he left no trace of trust in him. He was on temporary leave. Consequently, his talent died with his spirit and now he remained hollow as a dry log living a meaningless life.

In the area of literature, however, he was able to establish himself fairly strongly. He naturally drew the attention of renowned critics to his topic, style, and innate abilities. 

But today, he is also withdrawing completely from the field. He now doubts whether what he wrote was correct, his style, 
Attractive and strong thoughts. Consequently, his energy for the creation of literary works is almost dry. 

Any self-gratification he derived from his previous literary creations has now become equal dissatisfaction. Because of this dissatisfaction, he completely disconnected his literary connections. There's not a single area, he's involved right now. He is restricted to his solitude and his family environment.

Even at home, he doesn't have the atmosphere he's looking for. His sources of income made it impossible for him to meet his unlimited needs and uncontrollable expenses. 

So he turned his attention to his father's retirement. 
His father's unseen dream of his son getting a good job to help him manage the family turned into failure. He saw the helpless old man. Even though he now had the responsibility to look after his father, his father was responsible for the house. 

Not only him, but even his wife and son were counting on his father's pension. It was two years ago when he married his wife thinking she was just one person. He could easily afford to provide for with his talent and skill and a year has gone by that his wife had given birth to their son on the same strength. Even then, however, he was deceived by his self-worth. After two years, he was not able to offer his wife and son anything. He feels utterly depressed at the sight of his wife sighing in silence. One of her sisters was married around the same time, but her sister's husband had bought her such expensive goods. 

But he was not able to buy new clothes for his bride after the wedding. Perhaps because she was aware of her husband's financial situation, she never told him that she needed something. If by chance an issue was raised regarding the need for something, She tried to cover up the need by saying that several clothes and things bought during the marriage were still unused. 

He knew what he had bought at their wedding and he understood what his wife was doing. He was embarrassed and ill because he was unemployed and unable to provide for his family. 

So he's not usually speaking to his wife or his parents. Which means he's also trying to stay away from the family.

He subscribes to daily newspapers on a regular basis. Until several years ago, he cut sections of Major Wanted and kept them in his files. 

He had completed four small and large diary books with possible questions concerning general knowledge. He was well acquainted with all the events in the world, but today he does not read the news with interest. 
He is more interested in wanted items than news. He makes himself a candidate for the job he thinks is appropriate for himself, but there's not pushing him up for it.

So his entire work is in the rain. Now he knows very well that he no longer has the energy or interest to apply. And so, for the sake of duty, he submits the request. Two meetings are scheduled on a monthly basis, But it is almost certain that these meetings will be a custom he had to fill. 
He had several meetings before those meetings, so he knows what those meetings are and why they're taking place. 

He has hope if a miracle happens, which helped him to live in the present moment, otherwise there is no faith in his life.

He wanted to start a private business on several occasions, but the lack of his ability to invest money has not allowed him to start a business. On the one hand, his family background and his prestigious status in the eyes of society didn't permit him to begin a business below his standard, and on the other hand He could not afford to launch a business with his so-called prestige standard. 

He must have been born into a very noble family, or he could do something if he was born in an inferior state. This showed him a curse of being born to a middle-class family. If he had belonged to a great noble family, he would not have had any trouble, but if he was born into a low family, he would not be forced to live a life without any confidence in life. 

He could live on selling meat. Along the road or selling cheap stuff or riding a three-wheeled bicycle. But he is part of a class that must protect the dignity of his ancestors and preserve his family roots from social critique and irony. In such a situation, he frequently gets angry at his own father. Her father never crossed the line of honesty that made him poorer than he ever was. 

There was a way to make money. His father had begun his work with a strong inner faith that is, he acted truthfully as God nourished him. That means his father got his monthly pension. He had managed to buy very little land on which he could build an old unfinished house, but he could not save anything for the future. 

Today, he and his family have developed a short story of honesty and a long story of poverty. It is indisputable that he must struggle for existence and he also understood that in the modern age, when one can survive only through struggle. 

He is lost in the path of life from where he can neither come out himself not there is anyone who would pull him out or push forward towards his goal. 

As a result, authentic work, talent and education will not be enough in this context and if he had been able to do anything by being born as a human being, Otherwise, his life, even for himself, is almost over and he has no doubt about it. 
Therefore, in the name of life, despite his talent, he lives a life without real existence. 
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