United States unites for Peace in Israel and Palestine


People across the United States are coming together in big cities to ask Israel and Hamas, a group in Palestine, to stop fighting. I joined this effort too. I'm suggesting that Israel and Palestine should stop fighting and try to find a way to end the wars without making things worse. To achieve long-lasting peace between the two countries, I think there should be two steps.

The first step is for Israel and Palestine to agree to a cease-fire. This would be the starting point for talking about how to make peace. In the second step, they should have peace talks that involve not only political groups but also regular people in society. Israel is very important to the United States, so the U.S. will help protect them. It's important for the U.S. government, led by President Biden, to pay attention to the American people who want a truce between Israel and Palestine. To build trust, both sides need to take the first step. Holding onto extreme political views won't help them understand each other.

To break the current deadlock, they need to be open to compromise and leave behind their strong beliefs, especially in a diverse society. The best way to solve these problems is to live peacefully together, and both countries need to realize how important a cease-fire is.

They can work out their differences without violence through talks and sharing their ideas honestly. When extreme views dominate, a country can't move forward without considering different opinions. Remembering the majority of people who may not speak up is crucial.

Even if they don't say anything, they have a lot of power in a country. When regular people have a say, their voices, needs, and hopes should be respected. Israelis and Palestinians should work together to protect their current way of governing and behaving in politics. This should be based on sincerity, and they should adjust to changes in political behavior. Both the Israeli government and Palestine need to be flexible. Peace efforts should focus on following the law, politics, development, the economy, and basic rights, including human rights and safety.

How can they change a destructive war into a peaceful negotiation? What can they do to stop a war from happening? There's a serious risk that human civilization could be destroyed by the end of this century, so people are worried about this. Let's think about it. For a long time, people have had meetings and written a lot about making the world more peaceful, but wars keep happening. It's important to address political, social, and ideological reasons to finally end the war. The war in the Middle East, especially between Israel and Palestine, is very scary for people, including women and children.

That's why I'm against it. In my opinion, we can have peace by including refugees and people who had to leave their homes, and by having plans and money for rebuilding. Having a group for advice or an organization, both at the international and national levels, is very important to make sure there's total peace. This group should listen to what people think in today's world, which is very connected. It's also important for them to work closely with groups that focus on helping people and making peace all over the world. In conclusion, making peace in the Middle East is hard but possible.

By starting with a cease-fire, having talks, and coming up with good solutions, we can work towards a future where war's destruction is replaced by a promise of a more peaceful and safe world.