Veterans need better service


Published in Cape May County Herald.

 I have a family friend who lives in Cape May County, New Jersey. He is a veteran and now he is a social worker, helping other veterans in the area. Every week he gives a ride to them so that they can shop and visit the doctor, etc. This may not be much, but it is a simple act of
kindness and an act that makes a difference in one's life.

It's sad to hear and see that the people who fought risking their lives for the freedom of this great country are not being taking care
of properly. Promises and sympathy will not bring change in their lives. During the election campaign, both the Republican and the
Democratic Party leaders delivered speeches and promised to take care of them, but the problem is still large and the leaders haven't done
much about it.

Sometime both father and son lose their lives in battle. I can't imagine what happens when the news finally reaches his wife and
mother. But everyone can imagine that there will be an overflow of fear, sorrow and depression. They are our heroes. Many people, after
their loved one's death, cannot function properly in the community and cannot earn enough. Therefore, they will be forced to live their lives
in poverty with no one to look after them.

Although, the quality of care of Veterans Hospital is better as well as the private sectors, but it is not situated in areas easily
accessible by them. Even for a small medical checkup, they have to travel long distances that sometimes might not be possible due to
their financial status. If a veteran living in the Cape May County of New Jersey wants to perform his checkup he/she have to travel to
Camden, Sewell, Monmouth, or Lyons of New Jersey, etc for it. I think there should be a local Veterans health clinic in Cape May County too
so that it can provide local services.

Hearing these stories and trying to adopt the pain they feel, I think we have to unite and try to solve this problem. We need action. We
should together join hands and request our officials to help them so that they can too live their lives as they helped others to live. Not
only this, the veterans should be able to get check-ups when they needed and treated with respect. Taking time out of our schedules to
help them will repay our debts to them. We might feel that doing so won't make a difference, but I believe that it will make a difference.

There is always a choice for human beings to perform a task, either to do it or not to do it. When war broke and the country needed them,
they didn't care about their own lives, but instead thought about the people who relied upon their courage and strength and fought so that
other people can lead a happy and peaceful life. Many veterans died with honor and many survived. But the ones who survived often have
amputated bodies, mind and spirit.

More than 30 thousand are homeless who cannot even pay their rent and medical bills while some are physically and mentally disabled and are forever forced to be dependent on someone for their care. I think they deserve more and should be fairly treated. I hope with people will get inspiration from my friend and work to restore the veterans' care. Without action, this problem will always be a problem and an unsolvable one.