When you're married


This is a real story. My friend said "Why are you adding opinion in my mortal life? Whatever it may be, he was my husband. Do you remember the days when he sat in a hunger strike for seven days to marry me? Is it not he that promised in front of you to love and keep me as his queen."    
"What are you going to do next?" I asked in a quiet voice. "If you agree, you can go to my parent's home. You can pass the days there easily. You can hold a small business there. I am ready to help you there with your husband." I told her.
"Wonderful, your friend fled away from the home. What a naughty girl?." This very news spread all over the city before fifteen years, the incident of their flight had created a kind of storm in the society. The meeting of so called gentleman of the city pleaded in favor of and against them.
My friend belonged to a rich family. She was the daughter of the officer. She was compared to a butterfly while walking. Every neighboring young gentleman was ready to marry her. When she had failed standard VII twice, his father had sent his well- wishers and assistants to search for a young man - it was publicly heard. On the other hand, she loved her boy friend who was good in study, Intelligent in speaking. Being an intelligent and clever boy, he was able to hold a job.
"I love you in this world." She had promised, in the presence of an aunt by holding his hand. "Hey, are you engaged with a notorious and naughty boy? If you marry him, your relationship with us will cut be forever. See! you are proposed by the young men of well to do families." These words from her father are reeling like a film in her mind now.
She was in her heyday. She ignored her family and fled with the boy, pretending that she was going to pray. She couldn't imagine that they had spent several days eating cheap food. They had made the moon and stars their friends. In icy-winter night he covered her with his cloths and he himself went to saint's fire-place in the public shelter. They worked as porters, dish washers and cooks in hotels. At night they tried to forget the difficulties by embracing each other. They wiped out each other's tears. For several years, they were unable to take a room in rent.
"Oh! my wife I again got the job as primary school teacher. Now soon we are going to a rented room leaving this old Compartment. I want to finish my Bachelor. If I become successful, I will make you queen with my handsome earning. I would not allow you to work any where outside." He had promised these things in 2010.
He doesn't know how his college fees were paid by her. She fought with many obstacles. Meat would not be eaten more than two times in a year. Her days for disco and parties went for washing dishes for others She silently underwent family planning, thinking she could not work and provide fees for her husband, after the birth of a new baby. He passed his B.A. level exam after seven years which was the happiest day for her. She was pleased to hear that her husband passed the Public Service Commission and got the post of officer in the revenue office. Her eyes were crying. She and her husband then hugged for hours weeping, which she regards as a dream now.
He who used to play with flowers on the hill, carried stones and bricks as a labor and brought sweets and meat for her is now cnot changed. They now began to visit bars.  
She remembers the day. She compares the days of fifteen years back when she stayed with her parents and the days of to-day, she finds no difference.  
She slowly went to her husband's rented room. For her love she thought it would be better to talk with her husband The husband for whom she devoted her youthful days to upgrade, hid her sorrows and grief, to spread joy and trust. She remembered the past, how she sang to make her husband happy in a full moonlight night under the world of stars, how they promised to live and die together. She couldn't remember more than that. She entered the rented room of her husband. In front of her eyes. She love her husband.
She went to the bathroom, washed her face and wept and is still weeping.
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