World Peace and Security.


We must make a meaningful first step towards mutual trust. Understanding cannot be done while maintaining political extremes. Give and take open-mindedness to put something aside and formulating an appropriate climate of compromise in a pluralistic society will be the only answer for preserving peace. 

In a modern world rapidly changing to a global village concept, events cannot be ignored elsewhere. 

We can't be on our own. The barriers are falling and all kinds of people are coming together. This is precisely why peaceful coexistence is the most appropriate solution to world problems and even with solving domestic problems.

There are many competing viewpoints in our political ideologies and concepts, but we cannot resolve them violently, but by meeting for negotiations and frank discussions.

No nation moves forward if the views of the far left or the right prevail, because they blindly resort to their own analyses. 

We must never forget the silent majority. 

Although the majority does not express their feelings directly, it is nevertheless the strongest force of any nation. Where ordinary people are supreme, their voices, needs and aspirations must be respected first and foremost. 

They have no political reason to fight one another because they do not want to take power alone. Their only desire is peace, progress and prosperity. 

They want better transport and communications, education, health care, agriculture, industry and, on the whole, a happy life with security, friendship, 

Mutual confidence and cooperation around the world.

The nation's policy is meant to reflect the wishes and aspirations of these people, not the handful of leaders and their henchmen. 

Terror and war have always wreaked havoc. Even those who believe they have defeated their enemies have gained nothing and have not known peace. 

We must be able to develop a culture of peace on the world stage in a society where most persons are neither educated nor illiterate, 

Old prejudices and wrong concepts always prevail, providing ample opportunity for corrupt individuals and intelligent leaders to exploit the innocent. Examples in Nepal where brainless political criminals explain themselves most. 

Sadly, those who know the political rights of the people do not subscribe to peaceful norms and ideals.

Politics in one system reveal the common mass. Their mass gatherings, publications and lobbying are the only means of educating voters on their rights. 

But instead of educating the people peacefully, political leaders should not engage in internal struggles and evil struggles. It is the case of Nepal, where everyone suffers. 

Because their goal is to seize economic power, should not be permitted to direct the nation. Politicians should not forget their mean-spirited interests and focus on national unity. They had to fight to re-establish peace. They must put their concerns aside. 

Likewise, while today we are faced with violence, with the bitterness of misunderstanding and defiance, Peaceful forces must come together amicably to forge unity and gain victory over situations of fear, despotism and disintegration.

Today, while we are all traumatized by the recent generalized violence, those abroad laugh at our exhortations for peace. 

Let us put an end to the hatchet and renew our long-standing commitment to peace and humanity. We need to get back to our old glory. 

Let us build our welcoming and tolerant nature and welcome visitors from abroad to our natural paradise.