The 4th of July and Congratulations.


The 4th of July and Congratulations.
Author: Kamala B. Sarup

On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress, the informal governing body among the 13 rebellious British colonies, approved a "Resolution of Independence" introduced on June 7 by delegate Richard Henry Lee of Virginia.

On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress approved a formal Declaration of Independence, drafted by Thomas Jefferson and other committee members. This is the first document representing some unity among The United States of America (the first time this name is formally used) and July 4 is the traditional date for celebrating the independence of the U.S.A.

US patriotism, as in other countries, runs from one extreme to another by its citizens; that is from fervent nationalism to utter apathy. Patriotism in the US reaches a high level. Nevertheless, today and tomorrow there will be millions of flags and buntings displayed all around the US. This week, many TV channels will show many old war movies. Because of the war, many autos have been displaying the yellow ribbon sticker with the slogan,
"Support the troops" for many months, but they become more convincing on July 4.

 "Kamala, here are some events that occurred. Read them. November 15, 1777. Congress approves the Articles of Confederation, which are sent to the states for unanimous ratification. March 1, 1781. The Articles of Confederation become effective with Maryland's ratification, the last of 13 states. This is the first document of the "United States of America". June 21, 1788". Patriotic American Stanly said.

He further added " The first Federal Congress meets in New York City at Federal Hall. The U. S. Constitution becomes effective on this date after the Congress is notified by George Washington that 11 states have ratified the new Constitution". Stanly said.
Independence day is important in a democracy. Since many Americans had strong beliefs, independency day is necessary to protect American values.

  Congratulations !! Happy 4th July to all American friends and family.