Cancer and Women


Many women in developed and developing countries hesitate to visit doctors for their regular cancer check-up. They go when they have a problem, which puts their health at risk.

Cancer is one of the many reasons many women die every year, which is curable if treated in its early stage.My older sister died recently (January 2016) from breast cancer. She never went to her doctor for her regular check-up.

Whenever I asked her to visit the doctor, she used to say, "I am healthy, I do not have any problems, I don't need to go to the hospital, and I will go only if I fall ill."I talked to my friend who resides in Cape May County, and who is a breast cancer survivor, and who got all her treatment in Philadelphia.

She had her treatment some 10 years ago.She told me, "I highly recommend that every woman visit a hospital, the sooner the better, for care and treatment, since women shouldn't wait until after to get an assessment of their state of health.

They need to visit the oncologist to get blood work and a mammogram or MRI to see their status. After a breast cancer diagnosis, they have to undergo radiological imaging and blood tests.

"She said ten years ago when she had chemotherapy they provided excellent quality services and care. She is now fine.

Women can't go wrong with a routine check-up.My friend added, “The actual cost depends on the chemo drugs and it can vary.”Newly diagnosed with breast cancer, another friend from Rio Grande said to me, “I am undergoing chemotherapy. I have always been a healthy person but after feeling pains and occasional dizziness and irregular menstruation, I decided to check into the hospital emergency room.

I was admitted and underwent dozens of blood tests, including cancer tests, and gave dozens of blood samples. As confirmed by the hospital tests, I was diagnosed with breast cancer even though I had no family history of breast cancer.

The doctors who oversaw my hospital treatment said after treatment is done, I should return to my customary life."Every woman needs a yearly gynecological exam schedule for a pelvic exam, such as a mammogram test.

An annual exam is important for health and they need to know how much it will cost for their treatment."I am planning on organizing talk programs on breast cancer awareness and empowering women with knowledge and information in Court House. --