Fair journalism for diplomacy and economics


Fair journalism for diplomacy and economics.

My understanding is that an increased ability of any media is needed to initiate or seek changes in the existing socio-economic and political relationship. And in the long term, collaborative efforts to reduce vulnerability must be attempted.

Media to create a positive public and international opinion. Good governance means that negotiations and dialogues can also be used to build capacity. Some media outlets appear to accept "news and opinions" as presented. As the saying goes: "the way to the economy is paved with good works". People may even recommend or advise, but perhaps we should follow the advice. This is also true for social media. In all cases, the "strong media" can be sustainable. We have social media as well. They are managed by different individual groups and, of course, alternative media as well.

Each of these types of media, are the news and perspectives used for the benefit of the population, democracy and economy. They have had the benefit of different messaging at different times, allowing consumers to make choices.

To some extent, the information and views provided by the media and consumers have also increased, partly as a result of global presentations. The media ought to be able to do that when the economy is affected. Today, the commercial and independent media appear to be better positioned to reach an international consensus on covenants and diplomacy.

The point of view is a very important one. The time of honest opinion, articles and news can only arrive when we achieve. And many people have said that many times. Neither one continues to think, to the point of forcing journalists and writers to seek alternatives. The world's leading media groups need to work to end inequality and combat poverty.

Some media groups lack the power and freedom to make all the decisions necessary to respond in society. Therefore, at the present time, the favorable moment or condition and even the realistic approach of the people for an authentic dialogue and negotiations exists on a good policy.

Such a condition can only exist if the media on all sides understand the importance of good politics. The productive role of international media at all levels emerges from such a condition for a good equitable policy. At that time and only then, the role of the media may be productive and important, if necessary.

-- http://www.mediaforfreedom.com