How I met my employer.


How I met my employer. I got totally transformed by beautiful Kelly and Andrew. Kamala Sarup The first time I met Andrew in December, I asked him if I was looking for a job. I met Kelly the week after, she was so beautiful. An amazing and positive attitude of mind and work.  "Kamala! It is necessary to be able to do a lot of work, but also to be kind. Kelly made this statement again when we first met, which reminds me of the real definition of life, the real definition of work. She says I have the ability to do anything in life. Nothing is an impossibility. Anyway, I learned a lot about life and work from the time we met. I have a chance to think about life. I've got to thank her for it. We should make a firm decision about life. Unless we are independent, we cannot accept life meaningfully. Indeed, no one shares our loneliness and our difficulties. Kelly always helps her employees and does everything, to make them powerful.  As she told me"Kamala, if you can't change the problems, close your eyes and think twice.  It's true that life is not so easy as we think. The hard way of life could split us up. Eventually receiving or having a successful life is keeping ideas as our life purpose. We can make a difference.  The spirit is what counts. It cannot stand the same. To quote one intellectual, "As a courageous woman, you are not far away from success." As joy and sorrow are temporary, then think about the long-term meaning. I asked Andrew about a job in December. I wasn't happy where I worked. I wasn't sure what I wanted out of life. I wanted to see and touch my life through a new experience, a new site requires a new thought. "You think of life, and life is for happiness," Kelly always tells me, always encourage me and always look after her so beautiful. No need to feel concerned. Everything will be fine after working hard. Now you travel with me and have to make a good journey for yourself here. There's only one life for us. Andrew, her husband, too, still speaks very highly of me. Kamala, your life stands before you. Be supportive and strong, you are a poet. There are so many intelligent things you can do. After all, your education and family has given you so much," Kelly told me last week on our way to dinner.  Once I met Kelly, I was happy and joyful. Unless we meet and recognize each other, we can't be happy. Kelly continues to be a big part of my heart and mind. Her relationship with me continues. I was inspired by her. I know, we can only dedicate ourselves to living a life when we've been through it. I feel pretty emotional every time I remember how Kelly helped me emotionally? Kelly is extremely beautiful and is a hard worker. Jacob was a member of my professional life. He had a degree in mathematics and was exceedingly gifted in music. He died, but he tried to spread the word of his life. He said he would love to go out and have lunch or dinner and travel the world. He said he would sing songs. He wants to check out his old school in Pennsylvania. His death was painful, especially to me. My heart was broken. I cried when he passed away. I remember when I first started to work with him, I was seriously in his hardworking nature. He was undoubtedly an expert in jokes and enjoyed talking. Now I am staying home and thank God how I came across such a beautiful human? Kelly, thank you for continuing to be an inspiration. I want to write increasingly.