Humanitarian Ceasefire for Palmyra


Association of World Citizens calls for a humanitarian ceasefire as fighting intensifies between ISIS and Syrian Government forces near Palmyra − a UNESCO Heritage site.

    In a 15 May 2015 message to Madame Irina  Bokova, UNESCO Director General, the Association of World Citizens highlighted its Appeal for a humanitarian ceasefire in the area of Palmyra − a UNESCO Heritage of Humanity site.  18 May is the UNESCO-proclaimed International Museum Day devoted to the contribution of the past to the present and the future.

    While there has been some fighting around Palmyra and looting of its museum in the recent past, the current intensification of fighting places in danger all of Palmyra with its important Hellenistic and Roman edifices.

    Palmyra is a rich contribution to the cultural heritage of all the Syrian people, no matter to what political faction they may now belong.  Moreover, Palmyra is for all of humanity a moving example of trade routes and cultural exchange through the centuries.

    The Association of World Citizens is strongly supportive of efforts to protect the cultural heritage of humanity, going back to the 1935 Roerich Peace Pact signed at the White House in Washington, DC.

    Today, as citizens of the world, we must build upon these pioneer efforts to protect the testimonies of humanity's constant evolution toward beauty, harmony and peace.