Jacob you are always beautiful


kamala Sarup

The moon never shines. 

Sun just about

blossoms are dead.You'd love to go all over the world, Jacob,

 The excitement is

didn't go to Harrison. 

You're not in the house.

 God has been cruel. 

The job is like adoration. 

I'm still working on my breath.

 And I can't say.

 Existence and the meaning of

if you were one step closer to

can walk any way I look forward to telling

want you to get closer to Jacob. 

You have such a to an open space.

Trees where you could see them.

People with being around.

One trip through

I ever think about is

laid a trap for you.So does pride, too. 

You are beautiful Poetry .

You are not around .

I miss your huge Jacob .

moon, It I was going to talk.

There wasn't anybody to

couldn't run, that's all. 

The desire to watch

let me go away.Perfect moon,perfect time

Perhaps I should feel

this is about

, come over here.

 I'll let you

to say that in

is a selfish person.Mankind remains in one

does life have to be

you are the flowers

watch the mountain and the sun?

Let me be honest with you.

Let me tell

just once, you're watching me.

you will go hide and. 

I never go to sleep.You can't translate your love into words.

At an ideal time.

I want I'm just one

and the be together for a love

you are a great memory. 

Stand by me, please.

Kamala Sarup