Legalizing Prostitution And HIV


My very own friend Jeni (name changed) is very upset from her life. She told me her story about the need and support her family needed and was forced to become a street prostitute. Now she regrets her life but unfortunately there was no other way to escape it.

She is my friend who grew up in a poor family. Her father worked in a small wood shop which didn’t have any customers after the introduction of portable stoves. Hence, he couldn’t provide for his family. Her mother had a terminal illness which always brought tears to her eyes whenever she used to mention during our school days. Unfortunately, her father decided to move to a different location and she was forced to quit school too. It was a sad and depressive life for my friend. I never got a chance to ask her where they were going and how can I see
her but last year, luckily I recognized my friend walking in a street towards a hospital. It turns out now she has HIV/AIDS due to her lack of knowledge of practicing safe sex. Like my friend, there are millions of other girls/ women who are on this profession still unknown about these things and are continuously getting infected. I think we need to stop this.

According to CDC (HIV Surveillance Report 2016) in the US, about 1.1 million people are living with HIV, and 1 in 7 of them doesn’t know it. From 2008 to 2014, although the estimated number of annual HIV infection declined by 18% it is still a matter of concern”. report said. Hence, legalizing prostitution can be one of the many solutions
to this problem at hand. At first glance, it may seem a little absurd as people might consider its cons rather than pros but in a long term it might help a lot. Lots of countries like India, Thailand and other 15 countries have legalized it. Countries where prostitution is legal, women are always conscious about their health and can use
condom and treat themselves if any complication arises.

The only answer to the question about why prostitution should be legalized because legalization of prostitution can help in lots of different ways. It can decrease the rate of human trafficking, violence such as rape; it can also help to decrease the rate of HIV infection. Once it gets legalized, the women will have a right to move on their own will. Many women from around the globe are still unable to get access to their basic health checkup. Many young women are tricked into getting a good life and good jobs but instead are trafficked and sold into the
market. Due to their age and many other factors they aren’t informed about sexual education and protections hence are always at top of their health’s degradation. Also many children are born with these viruses present in them. This has also hindered the right of abortion for many women and hence they are compelled to raise their young ones
without the support from his/her father. Women can freely move to get themselves checked in the hospital too. Many women do not undergo blood tests because prostitution is still illegal, and there is social discrimination. On
the otherside, a lack of access about condom and education also are contributing to the problem.

To stop illegal prostitution we need to provide women with a stable job or any alternative income source, this includes food, shelter and clothes. But getting it was the hardest part. We must provide access to HIV test and other sexually transmitted diseases. Psychologically supporting women and convincing them about other professions will also help females consider the options before become a prostitute. We need it to be legal but at the same time convince women not to be a prostitute. I think this bring real change in the society and be a huge step towards the progress of women’s empowerment. Let’s start to raise awareness now. But saying so, I don’t mean we must encourage
prostitution but we should help the women who are already into it and stop other females to join this profession because the sexual disease is infecting millions.

Prostitution being illegal in the US as well as in many countries, it is always hidden from plain sight and hence difficult to find and prevent.