Media's role has had the benefit


Media's role has had the benefit of providing different and at times opposing messages, enabling the consumers to make choices.


Media's role has had the benefit of providing different and at times opposing messages, enabling the consumers to make choices. Scope for investment in the media has been provided with the guarantee that they will not be forcefully closed for socio political or any other reasons. Hence, the number of newspapers, magazines, TV stations and FM radios stations has increased globally.

Apart from community media there are also economic and political media. Media may be able to play that role, if and when freedom, is achieved. Currently the local and independent media, also in achieving freedom leading towards democracy. As I understand, enhanced capacity of any media is necessary to initiate or seek changes in the existing socio/economic relation.

"Except, of course, it's concerned people can try to use the "media of the issues", by appeals for justice, fairness, and redress from the adverse effects of articles to create favorable world opinion. And for the long run, to reduce vulnerability must be attempted, as well as remove other forms of deficiencies. Infiltrations (by  threats) to create dissension and discord among the perceived bad people or among those who may form alliance to take a stand against one's side is bad so media is necessary to protect freedom democracy and human rights globally".Raman Raj Mishra said. 

The time factor is very important. Time for honest opinion can only arrive when the people realize and many people have already said this much number of times. The rapid expansion of the area of operation of the terrorist groups, have been attributed to the fact that they had not met any serious resistance, ideologically or otherwise. Hence, they have no reason to doubt their activities, strategies, and tactics.

However, the major media organizations have to and should try to resist the violence, ideologically or assisting the communities that have begun to resist the terrorist groups (including domestic gun terrorism).

So at present, favorable time or condition and even the realistic approach of the people for genuine articles and opinion does exist.

Such opportune time and condition can only exist, when from all sides is met by the media and are made to realize. The productive role of the International Community could be in facilitating, at all levels the emergence of such opportune time and condition. Then and only then, perhaps our media's role will be productive and meaningful, if at all necessary to protect freedom.

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