Movie "Love Love Love"


 You can watch a full feature film love love love on YouTube. Such a beautiful love story movie. 

After viewing Movie “Love Love Love” we can assume that Nepalese film industry is rising gradually towards international standards. Talented director Dipendra K. Khanal proved that emotional and love films are very potent, strong, unit and actors are beautiful. After Romeo Juliet if there is any great passion we want to feel, movie love love love is the answer. Congratulations to our one of the best director Dipendra K. Khanal for his unique work in this field. We likewise need to record love love love in different languages so that it can be viewed in any part of the world. I think this will be another beautiful reward for the people after 100 years of Romeo Juliet.

National Award Winning director Dipendra K. Khanal’s is highest paid Nepalese director who is known best for his direction in Pashupati Prasad, love love love and Chapali height. He has directed films like Jholay , Vigilante said, “Comparing to all movies I have done till date, Love Love Love is a bit different in its feel. I am sure the audience will encounter a different taste in it.”

The cinema, being produced under the banner of Suraj Film Production Company, also features actors Desh Bhakta Khanal, Ramesh Budhathoki and Rupa Rana. Music by Suresh Rai, Cinematographer by Niraj Kadel, whereas Kabiraj Gahatraj Choreograph it. Along with Suraj Pandey, Swastimaa Khadka, Ramesh Budathoki, Desh Bhakta khanal, Rupa Rana, has performed as the lead characters. This film is produced by Sharmila Pandey.

The film that went on floors has been filmed entirely in Pokhara. Film director said that the movie would turn over a new impression and height to audience.

When I watched Dipendra K Khanal’s super hit movie “Pashupati Prasad” as a path to improve my understanding on life, arts, beauty and performance.Currently I have been watching some of his movies like “Chapli height ”. They created a beautiful arts and totally interesting.

Great Movies means life, love, happiness, freedom, tragedy and enjoy moments, etc. Watching beautiful movie by Hollywood directors like David Fincher, Sergio Leone, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and a great actor Micheal Douglas, and Bollywood movie’s directors like Mani Ratnam, Satyajit Ray‎ Priyadarshan‎, Subhash ghai, Vidhu Vinod Chopra‎ and Nepali directors like late B.S Thapa, late Prakash Thapa and now Dependra K Khanal’s have always directed and speak of love, romance and our arts, dance, great performance and culture.

I found out long ago that when I wanted to understand something on arts, permanence, and acting, I needed to watch more films, which forced me to think about all the connections in a complete and logical way.

I like to discuss love and romance; they recognize movie’s position and movie like “Love Love Love”. This movie will certainly inspire us, and prove us competent. I imagine, most of our audience are good- natured enough to face our occasional performances. No question our most audience regards in the same way. Audience are very respectful of all people, on their beliefs on love and they will love this film.

Managers, producers, musicians, and actors have to experiment in terms of using new thought, subject, language, and style. These movies we call are unique, and to an ancient subject must conform.

I admire producers,managers, writers and musicians who live their dream through hard work and I know when we watch, we certainly will, may be it require few more things than we already posses, therefore try making a beautiful movie like “Love Love Love” that we can admire, so that it will lead to where we want to be.

The director like Khanal would agree to any suggestions, does allow for style differences, particularly for location, themes who are stars. A key change can occur in any operation. Still, this is the prerogative of the movie. In movie, once the final version is settled, the fields do not change. Because an actors and director are really one single and strong work.

Director Dependra K. Khanal has a different approach. He has also restored many beautiful locations. Khanal is the most continuous and the best movie director. I remember long ago when I also played my high school drama, I experienced lots of different acting there on different situations.

From director Khanal’s work, I knew that all about the best flicks. When he direct, he experienced in mind specific ideas. As we know, people have favorite interest.Also the director think of the special properties of the subjects he is directing for which could wonderful and different. Lately, watching about various foreign-language movies, I am learning the arts and more interested in learning about a variety of subjects on movie, how actors played and act.

New actors like Suraj Pandey seem to be concerned about good performance in his first film “Love Love Love”. Getting a good actor is always beautiful. First, actors have to be on time for work, need to acquire a good practise on their role so that they will be alert during filming. Actors should not hang behind. If new actors want to be success and struggling, then they should seek immediate assistance. The only way actors learn anything is with good performance. The film provides superior locations. Motion picture-making is a fascinating and complex subject where directors and actors are played to design them. Congratulations to Dipendra K Khanal for your moving picture “Love Love Love”.