My friend and her daughter


This article was originally published by UPI Asia news blog. 
The daughter of my friend, was missing. I am writing to express
my feelings to her, about the story of her daughter's missing. She
received the call the day after her daughter was missing. This
unbelievable incident eclipsed her life. "Your daughter was a
unique diamond," I told her one day. She was about to cry. She felt as
if the sky had fallen. "Why are you adding sorrow to my life?" she said,
and wept bitterly. The world seemed gloomy. "What are you going
to do next?" I asked mildly. "If you want, you can go to the police
post. I am ready to help you there." Later, my mother told me, "Kamala,
your friend Maya, fled away from the village. What a naughty girl!"
This news had spread all over the village. She and her daughter had
belonged to a rich family.
 They were compared to butterflies when they
were seen walking along, playing and jumping. She loved her daughter,
who was 10 years old. Her husband was working as a social
worker too. Being an intelligent and clever man, he was able to hold a
job that paid Rs. 4,075. She, the daughter of a wealthy village leader,
was a lovely, beautiful and attractive young woman. She had said, "I
will keep my daughter in my lap." Looking at the tearful eyes of Maya
had expressed it to me.
 "I would like to help you," I had promised in
the presence of my mother, while holding her hand. After her
daughter was missing, she ignored her family, her husband and had fled.
She was going to find her daughter. I heard she reached a big city
during the dark night! She worked as a porter, dishwasher and cook in
hotels. At night, she tried to forget her difficulties. She wiped away
the tears. For several months, she was unable to rent a room. She fought
many obstacles. She could not buy meat more than twice a year.
Her days passed by doing dishwashing for others.
 She was always crying
for her daughter. She hugged herself for hours by the road, weeping. She
remembered the past, how she sang to make her daughter happy on a full
moonlit night under the stars. She couldn't remember more than that. She
couldn't find her daughter. She couldn't sleep throughout the night.