The painful death of her husband for why?


The following is a copy of my diary. My friend's husband was killed by Maoists in Nepal.

She was a woman like any other in the village who would speak to someone and sing around the field and the forest? While beautiful in appearance, it kept its good behavior intact. 'The son of a courageous man ought to do or die,' she would say.

Her husband, Bam, was a good person in our village, so I said there was no one against him. Despite the fact that, nevertheless, he had been exhausted,

I remember those days before she came along. We've been working together for years. He used to wake up first thing in the morning before five in the morning. But today, nobody is happy about his good humor.
"What's wrong with you?" Now you're gonna go to and get married. The more you worry, the thinner you get, so if you spend days happily, you will be neither old nor wrinkled". I told him that he was like my big brother.

“If someone says a word to my love, my temple is burned, burned as if I would drink blood. It makes no difference if someone says to me far off, however, but if a word falls on my life, I lose my consciousness". He told me, and he walked into his room. I thought he didn't like my satire and he was hurt a lot of my satire.

My friend's house was only a fifteen-sixteen minute walk from mine. Although she was the third girl out of the seven, she was more than the firstborn.

As for housework and more, she was the most beautiful girl in the village, so any boy in the village would like her.
Of course, we talked about her wedding back in town. Although the economic situation was extremely weak, for she was physically rich,
Numerous people came to her home every day to convince her to get married and her mom told everybody the numbers based on her numbers.

I remember that Bam gave her a Ana 4 ring just before her second birthday. Before me in Kali's temple in the village, they had promised to live and die together for life. My heart filled when I remembered.

"I don't want to see my daughter go around the world to get help against poverty so you can find a soldier. Her mother told me on Tuesday evening that she was breeding corn in Kholshebari.
If she gets married on her own, I won't see her face for seven births,' she said. Whoever she wants to get married should let her. I talked to her about it. Her mom ignored me when I said those things.

If Bam changes his mind, I'll kill myself. What do you want me to do if he gets used to it in the fun of the city? She had spoken in the garden of our house while he was leaving. One must have faith in love or else the sense of love becomes like pouring water into the sand! Bam, who stood beside me, had told her. Don't worry, I'm here. The other thing I said was overbearing.

I bought four pairs of saris, two pairs of dhotis, wrist rings, powder and strip of hair (ribbon) and oil scented hair. She is already pretty, how would she be with these Kathmandu cosmetics? Bam  had talked to the boaster without taking a breath.

"Bam has returned". Upon his return from training, Bam  came to visit me. He was smart in nice clothes and talked to my father about the most important things about the nation and internationally. Following the training, Bam became a learner, my father had commented on this.

The red nose pin in a case that Bam  had given me, I kept it very carefully, in the small box on the ground floor. Powdered cream, old-fashioned hair and perfume. Now, even to remember these things, I cry in my eyes, I want to cry in my heart.

Yes, Bam  joined the Nepal army, for his father, the uncles are all in the same line. He was a handsome boy, a round body and a bright face like a brilliant moon. Only he could work ten times that of a man, Bam  was like a real diamond.

After his return from training, undoubtedly by learning more about the capital, Bam  had spoken of many great things, more than the political leaders on the stage. Then we went to the market all day and took a cup of tea and talked about the village, his wife. In truth, I did not fear the world. I was reckless and free in the world.
I was so passionate about sharing my feelings with him and I wanted to say, Bam, you're the best.

Then, when Bam started writing twice a day, I waited for the postman every day. I would give a postman two rupees as tips to make him happy so he could come to me first too. I struggled with not seeing the mailman for a day.
I used to go and sit under the shade that was over my house facing south.

"Does he send messages?" Why give your life away? Soldiers and police are killed on a daily basis. They say there are more and more murderers in Kathmandu.
I got a call from my uncle. Being just an educated man in the whole village, that uncle would always come first if there was any need. He knew me as a child, so I felt that he helped me. "Nothing could happen to her husband." I said it to my uncle in a trembling voice.

I almost fainted and I could hardly talk. All right, now I'll hang up. I can't pay the bill anymore "Uncle left the phone without finishing the conversation.

I heard Bam is in the hospital. you have to be ready. We should go now by the two o'clock bus. I couldn't wait to say it. Bam, who had departed only two days after the wedding day, had not gone home for seven months.

At least we should have four children, shouldn't we? If there's no help, there'll be someone else. I understand Brave has 12. It was just last month that Bam  wrote a lengthy letter to my friend.

"Kamala, I always watch your face in front of me. I was so thrilled to meet you. There is a serious potential for death. There are a lot of murderers. Nobody knows where and how someone gets killed by an ambush or a bullet? Your love has always been my life,' he said. I repeat his most recent letter.

"My husband loves me so much." I love him as well, so passionate that life comes with her. Since the marriage, we have not even spoken with satisfaction». my friend said. He should stay home and go to the farm. Or he must go abroad. He had to separate him from the tedious labor. Her mother said with great grief.

You know that, don't you? Bam left the world forever at 1:30 p.m., the last night he was ambushed in the line of duty. Before finishing replying to her question, one of our group colleagues, Bhim, informed the others. The majority of Nepal's leaders forced the young people of Nepal to die,
As Bam who are of age with the desire to eat and dress for political ends.
I cried and I felt suffocated as if the ground had collapsed.

"Even though I lost my husband to save this country," she said. Kamala, let me show the world that my husband was a martyr for the country. He was a martyr combatant of the people. Because I know that he already left this world, he fought for the nation and the people. And he was one brave soldier. I'm proud to be married to him. And I'm going to tell the world that my husband is a martyr in the land of his birth."

Even I lost my Bam  for saving this country. And he became a great soldier". That's what she talked about.

In the darkness of the window, I ask a god why he was killed?